Windows Inward

CE-06-12-4A look at my little summer clad living room/art studio.  All decked out with ocean inspired colors remembering the first time I looked into the oceans of love in His eyes.

Yesterday a sweet medical student came into my exam room, a precursor before my infectious disease doctor. He enters, we chat and I ask him if he knows what specialty he wants to focus on. Ophthalmology. Yes I say, you can tell so much by a persons eyes and so much blindness is easily preventable sharing with him about Africa.  So much blindness is preventable here too but it is a different kind of blind. 

He then asks timidly: “Can I look into your eyes?” I laugh and say sure, the phrasing making me chuckle inside.  He shines the light and proclaims: “Wow, you have the easiest eyes to look into and see clearly I have ever checked. You have really great pupils.”

And what’s a girl to say to that?  Wow really, um, thank you.

The eyes are the window to the soul and when Light shines into them all comes clear.  I am who I am because I found myself when I looked into His eyes and saw how He sees me. 

Then along comes my infectious disease doctor who has diligently tested me for every infection known to medicine practically. I am medically not infectious.  I have passed with flying colors.

Except for the small detail of I still have a fever.  I officially have been diagnosed with, wait for it… an FUO.  Short for “Fever of Unknown Origin”. Not to be confused with Unidentified Flying Objects. But apparently just as mysterious.

They encourage me with studies that say such fevers can just go away after 6 months. Well mine is 18 months behind schedule. I have had it for over 2 years.  Apparently, the rest of me needs to catch up to my show-stopping eyes.

In other tests and news, I am officially allergic to broccoli and turkey along with gluten, wheat, corn and rice and a slew of other suspects.  Thank HEAVENS for potatoes!  And who on earth is allergic to turkey and broccoli?!?! I mean besides me.

Hoping, praying as I get this new allergen free, low dairy, low sugar, Type O diet thing down, my health will respond and get with the program.  This girl has things to get done!

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You all are amazing and I am so grateful for each one of you!

Shine from the inside out and live loved in Him.  Because you are. So very loved by Him and by me.