Less is the New More | #MinimalMondays

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I should be sleeping. Not writing at 3 am.  Adrenals, seriously. Get with the program.

I have nipped at the edges of this subject over the last year.  But it has become a central theme in my life in this season and so after traveling down this stretch of unpaved road, it is time to start sharing about the journey.

You may have never heard the term. If not, I am very happy to introduce you to it. If so, minimalism might evoke design images of stark sterile spaces. Or perhaps of radical folk who manage to pare down their possessions to live in a tiny +/- 200sqft. house on wheels.  Maybe for you minimalism could even be mentally connected to a “poverty mindset”.

In my understanding, minimalism is actually a wealth perspective that is the exact opposite of poverty. I’ll be writing more on that bit soon.  Minimalism as a lifestyle goes far beyond a design aesthetic. It is about creating wealth in the areas that matter most through intentionality and stewardship. It is about “the intentional promotion of our greatest passions and the removal of everything that distracts us from them.”  Thank you Joshua Becker. This could also be a fairly amazing definition of discipleship. Jesus is my greatest passion and I certainly want to remove anything and everything that distracts me from Him.

I lived for seven years out of a suitcase.  That meant I had to curate my life and belongings very carefully.  I learned a lot about myself in those seven years. I learned I’d rather have one quality item to 10 cheap ones. “More” is not always more.

Living in an African war zone, I also lived with half my life packed at all times in case we had to evacuate. In which case my computer, passport and camera would be shoved in a backpack and away we would go.  Fortunately I never had to test that plan. God protected us right where we were at.

Now I live in a 700 square foot apartment. With running water, carpet and electricity. It is a palace.

A few weeks ago my apartment manager came in to see about a maintenance issue {my running water ran away with my rug as a pipe back up equaled indoor flood}.  She was greeted with chaotic piles of things.  I have been in an “empty everything out and get rid of as much as possible right now” mode and then a flood in the middle of my living space didn’t help.  She exclaimed, “Wow- you could use a two bedroom apartment!”

Isn’t that how we think so often? I need to up-size my space to accommodate my stuff.  But I don’t want more space.  I want less stuff.  Less is the new more. I’m utterly convinced.  Less of what doesn’t really matter so there is space for more of what truly does.  That is what being wealthy looks like, a life filled with value, where we are so secure in Jesus and who we are in Him we can get rid of any and everything that would distract us.  Not out of obligation but out of joy!

I want to share this part of the journey with you friends and as I am starting grad school in a matter of days, I deeply realize I need a few regular themes I write about here so I will be here writing regularly. Voilà! #MinimalMondays are here to stay.

I absolutely love sharing this space with you. It is such an honor. You make my life richer and I am so grateful for each of you.

Thoughts? Head on over to my Facebook page, look for this post and let’s start a conversation about how living with intention and getting rid of distractions can help us be happier, more effective and grow with Jesus.