Why I Said Goodbye to My Keurig

mattersmost1Good morning sweet friends.

I love Monday mornings.  The week is bright with possibility everywhere.

This weekend I got rid of my Keurig.  When I bought it, I actually needed it. My office wasn’t near any sinks or water sources. And carrying hot water sloshing on my hand as I crutched was not working for me.  Having a single cup brewer allowed me the freedom to write and work uninterrupted with freely accessible caffeine.  But when I moved into my shoebox sized apartment that doubles as my office and studio, the sink was about 1.5 arm lengths away from everywhere.

If my apartment is a shoebox then its galley kitchen is a matchbox.  And I do not need nor want in this season of my life anything larger.  Smarter ways to organize and store things in the space I have, you bet. Larger space for more things, more cleaning, more work no way.

I simply want to make   s p a c e   for what matters most to me.

Having a perfectly brewed mug of Starbucks’ Espresso roast coffee first thing in the morning definitely is on that list.

As my Keurig was running a little slow lately despite all my efforts to rinse, descale and revive it, I had reverted using my old french press with a slighly coarser ground coffee {the grind makes ALL the difference with a French Press so you don’t wind up with sludge at the bottom of your cup and brown mist floating in the top.}

I found out my circumstances had changed and thus my need for a Keurig.  So I rehomed my Keurig. Happy brewing for it’s new family.

I wonder just how much of our stuff was bought in one era, was relevant to that one era and the era has long since left leaving our stuff behind with us to take up space.

When we look at our things and we all have them, we have to make intentional decisions.  Even avid, strict minimalists have to make decisions about their things every day.  I’m not a strict minimalist at this point.  I am enjoying NOT living out of a suitcase.

But we all have that one closet, the box under the bed, the drawer that is magnetized for junk mail, the side compartment in our backpack that never stays as neat as we think it should.  You get my drift.

As I continue paring down to curate my space wisely, I have another question I can ask myself:

Is this ____ still fulfilling the need/function/purpose for which it was acquired?
Is it taking up space I could better use by changing the way I fulfill that function or purpose?

Now obviously, if it is something seasonal, sentimental or special occasion related other factors apply as well.  But barring that.

Bye-bye Keurig, Oooh-la-la French Press.  Hello more counter space!

So my friends, what matters most to you?  Maybe one rainy day make a list for this season. Seasons change and priorities with them. How can this list help you make great decisions about curating your space?

Can you find one functional {opposed to sentimental or heirloom} item {of any size} that you needed in another season but is no longer relevant in your current season? Can you see that function fulfilled in another way that works for you just as well or better? If so, perhaps that one item could be lovingly rehomed to someone who needs it for the season they are in now.

Any stories to tell or thoughts to share along these lines? As always, head on over to my Facebook page and comment on this post.  I do read all your comments personally and attempt to respond as many as my day allows.  I appreciate you being part of this journey!