Beauty In the Storm

beautyinthestorm-1It was the first cool-ish day of the almost fall. A little damp around the edges but that’s north Florida for you. {A little secret? I really like rain most days.}

A dear friend and I took the day to stroll the streets of old St Augustine in between showers and then we decided to catch the sunset at the beach.  We didn’t see much sun but there was whole lot of storm.  The sea was magnificent and wild.  I could feel the pull of the tide standing there just looking at the waves rip across the sand.

Sun, storm, rain, sky, sea… it all speaks, whispers and shouts.  Deep cries out for deep.  His deep calls to mine.  And His love.  His love is vaster than the ocean.

As we soaked in the fury and of course captured it on our iPhones {yes both of these pictures were taken on an iPhone, crazy right?}, I stood there simply grateful.

This season has continued to storm around me, but now there is such overwhelming beauty in the storm.

I look ahead holding a virtually blank canvas to start from. The old season is finally behind and for the first time in a very long time I feel excitement brimming.  The kind of I can’t wait to get up in the morning because I can’t wait to see what my day will hold excitement.  I have no idea what it will look like but I know however life from here turns out, it is good because I know He is good.

As the year turned last week {Happy New Year on the Hebraic calendar!}, all that behind is truly behind and all that is ahead is living, free and beautiful. I will write more on the Hebraic meaning of this new year {Yes, I’m a bit of an original language geek.}  But as I stood wind-whipped marveling at the storm right on the edge of a new year, it felt saturated with meaning.

Storms come. In Jesus, they are never meant to destroy us.  They are invitations. Storms invite us to new places of brave, abandoned faith: to run into the shelter of the Most High and to step out on the waves with Him, letting them propel us higher and deeper into His heart.

beautyinthestorm-2 Storms are invitations to dance with Jesus and from the place of His embrace enjoy the beauty found only in the storm.

On the way driving to St. Augustine listening to an amazing message on how God uses storms in our lives by Graham Cooke was such a set-up from God. The whole afternoon was a love letter from Jesus.  If you are in a stormy season, I’d seriously recommend you head over here and grab the mp3 download of this message.

And if you find inspiration in stunning imagery and do Pinterest, check out my board on Storms.  You are loved friends. Deeply.  How do you dance through storms with Jesus?  Share with us over in our Facebook community here.

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