On a hillside in Wales, 2012

Driving through the countryside of Wales for the first time, we rounded the corner and came almost nose-to-nose with a hill full of sheep.  Totally without meaning to, I gleefully exclaimed, “Oh look, SHEEPIES!!!!”  And my friends never let me forget it.  The next week and a half, it became a running joke.  “Look Michele- MORE sheepies!”

I was laughing right along with them.  Sheep have always had a fuzzy place in my heart.  They just look so sweet and cuddly and remind me of friends a world away.  So I was super excited to get to include them in a recent design project.

Bravely You is about this wild adventure of grace becoming all we are meant to be in Him, so every now and again I’ll introduce you to one of my friends/clients who I have been honored to serve as they step into more of what God has called them into.

Recently I had a dear friend come and stay a few days and while she was here we got her brand new blog launched!  She has a passion for healthy community and extravagant purpose.  But I’ll let her tell more of that story.  I was honored to work with her in developing her brand and designing the visual identity elements for her blog, Woven Together. And now I’m thrilled to give her a shout out here so you can go meet her over in her own words at

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