To a New Level


My online worlds have a way of expanding and contracting in epic form.

The hazards of being a creative who has more ideas than a lifetime can contain.

I stand before a virtually blank canvas in every area of my life.  It has been a painful season of cutting away things, even good things, that could distract and detain me from where I’m headed with Jesus.  A time of aligning and defining and standing before a vast expanse of what could be dreaming with Him.

To be transparent, I’m still a bit hesitant in my dreaming after the last 18 months of loss.  Dreaming feels dangerous, investing my heart in a dream, any dream after dreams have been shattered feels so vulnerable, so exposed.  It may just be the bravest thing I have ever had to do.

But I have to dream.  Not dreaming is not an option.

Trusting the promise of heaven in the face of great loss is an act of radical defiance, refusing to let past loss dictate the level of future expectancy.  No problem is ever solved on the level it was created.  Well said Mr. Einstein.

In other words, loss cannot be solved on the level of loss.  Vindication for wrongs done, even if it comes, will not solve the ache loss leaves. Loss is only “solved” when it becomes a place to see-through to heaven.

And honestly I am not there yet.  Not in the way I need to be at least.  On a journey in the right direction but…

Because inspiration flows in fits and spurts in this season and I want to write here way more than I have been, I am trying to get myself on the discipline of a quasi schedule. Hah.  Well see how that goes.  Schedules are not my strong suits.

So Wednesdays are going to be #WednesdayWisdom days. I’ll be sharing a quote that speaks to me and some thoughts around it.  That’s the idea at least.

In trying to see my online worlds contract to more manageable formats that accurately reflect this season, all and I mean ALL (Consulting, Coaching, Training, Art Studio, Photography) my business bits are now integrated on ONE site…

And of course you can find me here talking about the journey into God’s heart/ministry bits and over at For blogs, that’s it.  Done. Simple. Focused. Defined. Finally.

When we are facing problems, Jesus has plans to use them to take us to the next level with Him through them. No matter what we face or what happens we just can’t loose in Jesus.

I so appreciate each of you.  It means more than I can say that you spend time with these words.

What problems do you need Jesus to take you to another level to see the solutions of heaven for? 

He doesn’t just have the answers we need, He IS the answer we need.  May He be your answer today.