Letting Go

lettinggoThe trees flame bright before they bare their branches and let go of last season’s fruitfulness.

Then they stand stripped, stark and brave against the cold winter’s winds.  {Maybe not so much here in north Florida but in so many other places I have lived and traveled through.}

It seems a fitting time of year for a new level of stripping away and letting go.  And along with it comes a new kind of focus.  We have to let go of old success and old fruit in order to be ready to bear a new harvest of fruitfulness in its new season.

…every branch that bears fruit He prunes, that it may bear more fruit… John 15:2

A line I read this week has stuck with me.  “Be aware of that which does not serve your spirit. It is likely time to let those things go.”

I have been in a place of examining that which does not serve my spirit well, on every front.  Sitting in stillness listening to His whispers of where to turn next and what to put my hand to in this time.  The path to burnout is often paved with “good” ideas and with a body still in need of extra grace anyway, I can’t afford the tyranny of the good idea right now.

I am more keenly aware than ever the damage stress does to this body I am in. So I’m in a season of chopping anything unnecessary, anything lacking the grace to carry it, anything lifeless and wearing.  When God gives a call or a mandate, He ALWAYS gives the grace to walk in it.  Period.  That doesn’t mean it isn’t hard at times. Of course there are hard parts.  It simply means there is grace that carries you through the challenges.  Because our life in Him is not one lived by might or power but by His Spirit.

Jesus reminded me this week something He has said repeatedly in differing seasons of my journey in Him: Provision is in your pen and paintbrush.

Well if that is where some much needed provision lies and that is where His grace is flowing, then it is there I must be faithful.  And in the middle of an intense grad school program that focuses on coaching/consulting/leadership, my brain needs my work to be creative and intuitive to balance the academic and cerebral. After the intensity of the last years in Africa, spending time creating from a place of reflecting His beauty to my community locally and online feels incredibly right.

I’m learning lessons trees have known forever.  There are seasons of great fruitfulness and then there are seasons of letting go to make space for more fruit to come.

What part of your life is not “serving” to build up your spirit?  Maybe like the trees, it a season of letting go in the expectancy of the promise that lies within.