Called to Create

I couldn’t have been more surprised when Jesus whispered into my world instructions about this season of my journey with Him.

I expect to be called overseas.  Called to wastelands and war zones.  To impossible situations. Called to love and go low and serve on the “mission field”.  But called to create, really Jesus?  To be perfectly honest, it feels a bit anticlimactic after working on the front lines of missions overseas for the better part of my adult life.

What happens when “frontlines” become redefined by His voice that calms oceans, speaks stars into place and that whispers His direction in the middle of unknown paths and seasons?

My yes here is no less than my yes there.  It might even be more of a YES, a harder yes, a deeper yes, a more costly yes. A yes less understood, braver and bolder in its surrender.

I think of Mary who so long ago risked everything, even her own life, to say yes to heaven’s creative call.  She let the Creator of all become the Word formed, enfleshed in her womb.  She carried heaven’s greatest Promise to full term and then saw the Word birthed through her life.   There is no creativity without contraction that births His sacred word in us and then through us Inspiration is His breathing into our dusty frames the message He wants to see unleashed through our lives.

I know this.  I do.  But when Jesus nudged me this week, I was confronted with my own hesitance.

“Beloved, in this season, I want you to throw yourself into creating with just as much passion and abandon as you threw yourself into establishing and leading the work in South Sudan. My promise in this season is no less than My promises from past seasons. Let this be the new dance we dance together.  What you feel as contraction is only the birthing of an expansion yet to be seen.”

It is so easy to feel like saving children in Africa is somehow more of a calling, greater than simply loving and being faithful right here.  It isn’t greater, it is simply different.  I didn’t choose Africa and I didn’t choose North America.  I chose Jesus.  It isn’t about geography, it is about proximity to His heart.  It is about simple obedience overflowing from a heart in love with Him.

So here I go. Wildly embracing my pen and paintbrush as an act of love-drenched surrender. {I’m kind of excited to see what He will do with it all!}

It isn’t ultimately about where we wind up or what exactly we are called to do along the way to getting there.  It is simply about saying YES to Him with our lives each and every day.  This and this alone is the measure of success in the Kingdom.

What does your brave “yes” to Him look like today?  Be encouraged.  Trust Him with your yes, He really will do the rest.

If you are in the north Florida area Sunday December 7th, I want to invite you to drop by my booth at my very first art show!  I will be there selling my artisan glass pendants and an assortment of my smaller format artwork curated to offer beautiful, original gifts just in time for Christmas!  Watch for posts sharing the story of getting ready… can’t wait to share this journey with you friends!