What Authentic Looks Like

10914488_651451648299261_833670856_nI’ve been thinking a lot about this new year open wide with possibilities. One theme seems to stand out for me over and over again.

What does authentic look like?

It is so much easier to look to stages and platforms and find some model with which we resonate.  I want to be like _______ when I grow up.  And we need role models who inspire us farther, higher, deeper. But the best role models inspire us to become more of who we really are, not a carbon image of who they are.

God breaks the mold every single time.  There will never be another you.  If you are trying to be someone other than who He has made you to be, it is robbing the world of the one gift only you and Jesus can give them: the gift of your life fully laid down and infused with His.

I’ve been in a season of much soul-searching and trimming away that which is secondary to focus on that which is primary.  There are many things I can do.  But that doesn’t mean I should do them, just because I can. As a friend once put it, a doctor can draw blood but that doesn’t mean drawing blood is the best use of his or her gifts and time.

What we do becomes authentic when it is the overflow of who we are created to be.  What we do becomes empowered when is overflowing with Who He is in us.  What we do bears fruit that remains when it is a seed planted, cultivated and harvested in season.

You know it when you hear it.  Authentic has a sound to it.  Effortless, it just is.  That doesn’t mean there isn’t work involved.  But the work is driven by the overflow of a heart in love with Him not the striving of our own strength and good ideas.  My good ideas usually get me in more trouble than just about anything else!

Authentic is becoming who we are created to be, filled to overflowing with Who He is, walking with Him in His season and timing.

It is a journey where we are always arriving but never fully arrive.

Prayerfully I know this season’s overflow for me is found in trusting Him enough to fully embrace the creative thread in my heart He has woken to life.  It is His call for this moment. I don’t know where it will lead, but I don’t need to know to say yes.  Trusting looks like saying yes when you don’t know where the path will actually take you.  In some ways it is a far deeper kind of trust than when I went to South Sudan where I knew the general destination, I just didn’t fully know the route.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been radically refining the focus for 2015 and retooling all I am involved in in light of its insight.  I’m leaping into the unknown with Jesus.  Anything that feels forced or less than authentic has had an ax taken to it.  Anything that isn’t a product of His overflow in this moment has either been tossed or archived.  {Take a look at the results over on RiverTree by Michele Perry. It is pretty exciting to see the stripped-down simple version.  It just is right. Authentic brands are based on genuine overflow too.}

Maybe take a moment with Him in the next little while?  See what He whispers to you about your authentic overflow for this year? You might be very surprised to hear what He has to say. Epic adventures ahead my friends!