Get Healthy 2015

{Blueberry infused green tea + crushed fresh blueberries + a little honey = super healthy super fruit afternoon pick me up}

The latter part of 2014 I sort of just gave up.  Barring a miracle, no one seemed to be able to figure out what has been going on with me health wise.  I got nebulous catch all diagnoses that basically mean “I don’t know so I’ll call it something”.  I got straight up diagnoses of “I really have no idea” like “Fever of Unknown Origin” and told it would probably eventually just fix itself.

But it didn’t.  It was getting worse and every time I ate, even on an extremely restricted diet I felt terrible.  I barely ate anything and yet I was gaining weight from breathing it seemed.  At 4’9″ 2-3 lbs is a dress size.  I’m heavier now than I’ve ever been and I hate it.  I avoid mirrors at all costs. If I can’t avoid them, I try to ignore them and watch a wallpaper spot instead.  My clothes no longer fit and my body feels like it is at war with itself.

I eat and my fever spikes and I flip into a immune/inflammatory response. My chest breaks out in hives or rashes.  I don’t eat and well you can only “not eat” for so long.  It has messed with my adrenals, my metabolism, my ability to sleep, my energy and caused widespread chronic pain and fatigue on top of pain levels I normally deal with.

But yesterday hope of getting some kind of answers began to grow as I explained all these things to my new nutritionist.

My hunch that it was gut and inflammation related was confirmed.  I’m getting tested for parasites and retested to confirm food sensitivities/intolerances.  Apparently my gut has been leaking undigested food particles into my bloodstream again {or still} triggering yes, an immune/inflammation response.  AKA the fever of unknown origin is easily explained by this.  And the same leaky gut isn’t allowing my body to absorb the nutrients I need- hence abysmal Vit D scores even after taking vitamins at crazy concentrations.

It isn’t a quick fix.  It isn’t a band-aid or a few pills.  It is a whole lifestyle reset.  But it is worth it to get my life back.

So bye-bye to most forms of sugar, no gluten, no maize/corn, no GMOs, no processed food.  Hello to finding vitamins I can process, to doing what I need to kill any parasites they find, to eating super clean mostly from scratch, to learning to cook accordingly, to doing whatever is needed to sleep at night, to taking walks even if they start out at only a few feet, to making time to really become the healthiest version of who I’m created to be.

There will be trade-offs and it will involve saying no a lot. But I’m no stranger to impossible challenges.  I lived in a war zone for 7 years after all.  I just didn’t know the next assignment would be the war zone in my own body.  But it is.  And I am 100% invested in the journey.

I’ll be sharing about what I’m learning from time to time here.  Maybe, just maybe it might be helpful for some of you. 😉  The bravest journeys of all really do start inside us. Let’s get healthy in 2015 together.