Why I’m Giving Up

40focus-webToday marks the day of the year that the Church turns her vision from the cradle to the cross and begins the 40 day journey toward Jerusalem and Golgotha and the empty tomb.

It feels like my January evaporated and February is slipping quickly into March.  I grew up in a church tradition that celebrates the next forty days as the season of lent.  A time to slow and remember these days and hours are indeed “lent” to us to steward.  They are not our own. How will we live this one life well?

I decided this year I’m giving up distraction, with the secret hope that these 40 days will spill forward into all that lies beyond them.  My lenten season has been tagged #40DaysofFocus. If you want in on this journey you are most welcome.

Since moving back stateside I feel like I am in a never ending battle with clutter and not just in my art studio.  In my head.  Advertising bombardment.  Media overload.  Social networking absurdity.  Attention bleeds and leaks and takes intentionality with it.  Some days it feels like the world has gone mad.  Can anyone relate?

But I don’t have to be bombarded or overloaded or distracted by entertainment or status updates or the media frenzy that has overwhelmed our culture.  I don’t.  And neither do you.

What do you find to be your number one distraction in our über connected world?  How can you unplug from it, even partially, allowing space for greater focus?  Tweet it out using #40daysoffocus or reply to this post on my Facebook page’s wall. See you there!