Introducing HeART Journaling

signpost1aTime moves so quickly it seems.  Days slip into months and months slip into years.  I want to make the most of each and every moment.  Savor the very marrow of life.

Journaling, especially creative journaling  helps me do this.  It is a space I can still, slow and celebrate while learning and becoming more of who I am created to be.  Over the last few years as I have been on this journey myself, I’ve noticed repeated themes that function like different pathways leading into greater authenticity and understanding.

HeART Journaling is creative journaling that engages 1 or more of 8 different pathways leading towards a more authentic, WHOLEheARTed life. The ART in HeART Journaling is a commitment to honest story-telling (even when we are simply telling stories to ourselves) told from a place of Authentic Raw Transparency™, where masks are shed and we bravely embrace our own story lines.

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