Finding Home {On Navigating Transition & Re-Entry}

homeI am sitting here in Florida cross-legged on the floor typing this post. Then I will have to pack my computer up and go in search of an internet connection that will let me send it. My internet died 2 days ago and it will be 2 more until the tech comes to fix it. The irony of the timing doesn’t escape me.

From 2006-2013 I lived far from the reach of regular internet, electricity, running water, paved roads, mail systems, banking systems and medical care. I lived in a deep in the war torn African bush that had changed little for hundreds of years; where superhighways were dirt paths that carved their way through the scrub and grass with an order only those who grew up traveling them fully understood. Every other day I would pack my computer into a little backpack and head out on foot to find a connection at one of the local NGOs so I could do the basics of keeping in touch and administrative housekeeping.

I got used to bucket baths and candlelight, to nighttime walks beneath million star canopies, to sitting around the evening fire with local coffee, laughing with our house mamas as little ones slept in our arms. I got used to having to figure medicine dosages, to holding on for dear life on motorbike taxis, to slower rhythms and being surrounded with incredible community everyday.

Then in 2012-2013 my health finished a violent crash landing that catapulted me back to a once familiar world that suddenly felt bright and glaring, rushed, isolated and foreign. There is danger in leaving and letting someplace a world away change you, capture your heart, weave its beauty and hardship and wonder into the fabric of your very being. Once we do that, we really can never go back home again. It isn’t home that changes while we are gone. It is us who change from the going… {Keep reading the rest of this post over with the community at Velvet Ashes.}

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