What You Need To Know To Live #EverydayBrave

holdingonwebSome days hanging in there is the bravest victory of all.  There are seasons where it isn’t about taking new ground as much as staking the ground you already have, refusing to give up even an inch of your hard-won territory and having done all, to stand.

Sometimes the bravest victories happen in battles no one knew you ever fought.  These small, silent, world-shaping moments that come from living #everydaybrave.

When you have had to give up lifelong dreams in the last season, sometimes it is scary to wholeheartedly jump into the pursuit of new dreams in the new season.  But seasons move forward only through dreaming with God and then trusting enough to throw your heart and hope fully into His embrace as you move toward those dreams unfolding.

It is beautifully terrifying, exhilarating and wonderful all at once.  I’ve been where the little guy above has been.  Commando crawling a tightrope line between trees 30 ft high in the air (with a harness).

Starting to dream again can feel a little like that.  You see where you are going and there seems to be impossible obstacles standing in the way.  Since with one leg I couldn’t crutch or hop across on the high wire, I had to get a little creative.  No one said how I had to get across, just that I needed to.  And it didn’t matter that several others had tried the traditional way and fallen off before reaching the other side.

My turn came with everyone wondering and expecting me to give up, because of course it would be unrealistic for me to try to cross the usual way.  No one expected me to swing out underneath and commando crawl my way successfully to the next platform.

That’s way I want to live life… seeing impossible obstacles as opportunities for creative breakthroughs of God’s goodness and wisdom. I want to live everyday brave.

We don’t have to figure it all out or make anything happen.  We can trust His grace to hold onto us when we can’t hold on ourselves.  Little by little each day we can choose to move forward into the dreams He has for each of our lives, move forward into becoming more of who we are created to be.  And we can celebrate each inch gained in the right direction.

What was one of your #everydaybrave moments this week, one obstacle you faced or a problem that you fixed or a storm you stood in?  Come on over to my facebook page and share by replying to this specific post so we can celebrate with you!