Illustrating His Grace

gall-12If you have been hanging around my world for any length of time, you have seen my online presence ebb and flow largely with the tide of the latest creative ideas in and through my heart.  I’ve been searching for a metaphor, a unifying something that focuses, embraces and weaves all these ideas into a coherent picture of grace.

From the Unpaved Road held my time in Africa.  Bravely You enveloped the stormy transition back to the USA reminding me to bravely stand for love and truth in the face of confronting its opposite.  Now, NOW, this space becomes what will carry me forward into the amazing future that lies before me.

Welcome to Illustrated Grace.

When Jesus whispered this new naming into being and told me to go look up the word illustrated, I about fell over reading its meaning.


A verb from the Latin illustrātus meaning “to illuminate, make clear or give glory to.”

I want all I am to illuminate and shine forth His beauty and goodness, to make clear His Kingdom, to give glory to Who He is.

Also meaning:

  1. To furnish with drawings, pictures or other artwork intended for explanation, adornment or clarification.
  2. To enlighten
  3. To make clear and understandable
  4. To clarify one’s words & writings through the use of examples, analogies and stories.
  5. To exemplify

Not to mention that I’m an illustrator.  God knows how much I love a good play on words.

Illustrated Grace takes 3 online communities {Bravely You, WHOLEheARTed & Sketchbook Prayers} and combines them into one cohesive identity.  SO YAY.  Only one website/blog to keep track of me writing on faith, journey and creativity from.   consolidateI welcome you with open arms and really look forward to sharing the journey ahead with you.

Always remember, no matter where you find me online, you are loved.