When the Dawn Comes

lightI was walking the trails of a camp in southwest Florida last week.  The early morning light burst right through the trees as a reminder of the triumph of another tree so very long ago.  The night might be dark and hard and long but the dawn will come and bring His overcoming brilliance with it.

My last 2 years feel like this.  A long night that is finally bowing before the light of Him Who is the Morning Star.

I spent last week watching God weave His beauty into the lives of campers at a missions camp for middle schoolers.  It was both a privilege and honor to sit on the floor with them and share stories of Africa and Jesus.

11357456_772887776167518_2118270763_nMissions has its miracles, those remarkable moments of faith, but its true fruitfulness is built on a 1000 small, unseen moments of faithfulness to Jesus.  And this faithfulness is not an obligation, it is an overflow.  The overflow of a heart in love with Him.

Missions is what happens when you are so in love with Jesus you will go anywhere and do anything just because you love seeing His heart fulfilled.  Missions is about the romance of the Gospel.  It is about knowing you are loved by Jesus and because you are so loved by Him, you can’t help but loving the world around you.

We cannot give what we do not have.  We must first know His love.  Service is fabulous. But missions is not a service project.  Missions is about surrender that demonstrates God’s great love through serving others.

11355233_679836388785028_483842292_nI had my first marshmallow roast since returning to the USA from Africa.  It was beautiful to celebrate God’s goodness together with these young missionaries in training. I sat under the nighttime sky listening to their laughter around the fire.  OH how I have missed meeting around the flame.

I must say no marshmallow roast will ever feel complete without a singing circle of children dancing their hearts out in worship to Jesus to the beats of a jerrycan percussion section.  Africa ruined me for anything less. I miss rocking my little guys to sleep amidst the backdrop of soft Swahili and Arabic worship and stars so bright flashlights were optional.  No matter how long or far I am away from Africa, my family there is forever embedded in my heart.  Forever.

I pray for the time I will be able to visit those I love in many places far away from where I am now.  But where I am now is an amazing place to be and I celebrate God’s great faithfulness here.

This is an incredible season of breakthrough and promise and my life is accelerating in rapid fashion.  Mission field: here I am.  Reporting for duty.  But this time it is right here in the USA.  Training leaders to touch nations.  Leveraging 20 years of field experience pioneering in urban America, South Asia and Africa to equip a generation to soar higher and farther than I can. 

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 10.34.09 PM

Tonight I just finished my first ministry update in two years and it introduces the amazing things that are unfolding around me.  This update also carries a very special invitation for you to join me in this new adventure with Jesus.  Nations are going to be changed by His love in even more profound ways in the days ahead.  We have an invitation to partner with His heart. 

Please click the link to download the stories, pictures and ways you can be involved. {DOWNLOAD THE PDF UPDATE HERE}

I so appreciate each of your prayers, encouragement and as always the time you spend with these words.  We are beginning a new great adventure together you and I.  And what a joy to travel together.

If you’d like any more information on the ways you can get involved mentioned in the PDF update,  please don’t hesitate to email me at michele@create61.org.

You are loved!