Why Everyone Needs A Sketchbook {#SketchbookSummer}

imperfectartI’m convinced.  We ALL need a sketchbook.

I hear you thinking:

  • “But I’m not an artist.”
  • “But I’m not creative.”
  • “But I’m a hyper-logical, left-brained engineer turned executive.”
  • “But I’m just a __________ and can’t draw a straight line.”

I’ll tell you a secret.  I can’t draw a straight line either.  I just became friends with my ruler. 😉

Somehow summer has raced by this year and the slowing down part of my plan never happened.  But here we are.  If we are going to have a summer sketchbook series, it better start now.  The days are quickly slipping into autumn.

It was in the 80s yesterday.  I almost panicked.  That is cold for swimming in my book.  90s are better.  Yes, I do wear sweaters when the thermometer dips below 75.

So welcome!  This series is for everyone.  You don’t need to be an artist or even believe you have a creative cell in your body.

Sketchbooks are about the journey; they are about the process far more than the product.  Most wonderfully of all, they are a safe place to wholeheartedly embrace imperfection in all its many-colored splendor.

Maybe that is why so many of us never even try creative projects out. I get it.  I’m a perfectionist in recovery. Imperfection is utterly terrifying. But without imperfection there is no creativity and there is no growth.artofimperfection-webWhat if there was a space you could put your very vocal inner critic in time out?  What if there you were free to explore impossible ideas and express big crazy dreams?  What if you could celebrate each new imperfection and mistake as progress and learning instead of failure?  What if the tyranny of the blank page became the tremendous expectation of all the possibilities that could fill it?

Keeping a sketchbook might just teach us something about living life a little lighter, a good bit freer with a whole lot more creativity.

And that is why everyone needs a sketchbook.  Including you.

I so believe in the importance of these concepts that they play a key role in my studies for grad school.  I’m fascinated by creativity and leadership and how each can transform the other…  2am-reading-crazy-academic-articles-for-fun kind of fascinated.  I know.  I just love learning.

I want to invite you to come along over the next 2 weeks and just try it out.  Grab a sketchbook and give it a go.  There really is nothing to loose.  {I’ll be sharing more about supplies tomorrow but you can do this in under $15-20.}  It won’t be the same without you!11755220_10207374118018124_1319652640018375830_nAnd before I forget, something SUPER exciting happened over the weekend!  I now have my very own online store and a growing product line!  Please check it out over at RiverTreebyMichele.com.  It has a growing assortment of prints and products from my original illustrations, fair trade items and more!  I can’t wait to see what God is going to do with this.  I will be loading new items all week long.


If you like the reminder above to “Practice the Art of Imperfection”, prints {unframed} are available right here. If you are more comfortable purchasing on Etsy, you can also find it in my shop here. Both places are secure and safe.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 7.58.18 PMAND to help get your creativity kick-started, I am offering a free #colorwithme adult coloring sheet to make the page a little less blank. I am in the process of creating a line of downloadable, printable guides called Make Your Own Masterpiece™ {#MYOM}.  You can print them on high quality paper or card stock and color them using pencils or markers.  Or you can print them on watercolor paper and use watercolors!

Download your free PDF right here.

Always remember friends: You. Are. Loved.