Set Your Faith On Fire

friignited1 The moment when promises you’ve held on to through thick and thin, through love and loss, through twists and turns leap into being and start to happen around you.  There is nothing like it friends.

I’ll never forget one night after arriving in South Sudan in 2006 long before it became its own nation and I sat in a bombed out shell of building rocking a baby in my arms to sleep under the billion star African sky.  And it hit me.  I was holding His promises in my arms.

Late last night when my podcast went live on iTunes for the very first time, it felt like watching another promise start to unfold.  It could have happened sooner.  I could have received God’s promise and gone out and made it happen.  The tools were available.  My skills were in place.  And there would have been no shorter path to burnout and failure.

I am not called to make something happen.  I’m not.  I’m called to step out of the boat and do what I see my Father in heaven doing. Period.

I am so grateful I did not frenetically rush the process because this podcast would have been something totally other than what it was meant to be. It might have even been aborted because its birth would have been forced prematurely.  I wonder how many genuine God-dreams and promises get aborted by us not being willing to carry them to full term.  Probably far more than we realize.

Don’t get me wrong.  It has been a crazy techie learning curve navigating in a new audio universe with lingo like “gain” and “normalize” and far stranger terms that don’t mean what they do in other realms.  I refuse to put out less than the best possible quality I can with the tools God has given so it has taken longer.  But excellence doesn’t come from rushing or taking shortcuts. 

Much research has gone into the development process. It is far more than grabbing a microphone and letting loose.

Understanding best practices, how things work, topic generation, equipment purchase, hosting features and building the conceptual framework… all needed to be in place before hitting the publish button.

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 11.57.03 PM

After much prayer and grace, Friday Ignited™ went LIVE in the wee hours this morning!  My goal each week is to write a companion post here that expands or engages aspects of the topic matter covered in a deeper way.

There are plans for equipping series, encouragement and sharing stories together {#CourageCasts}, even interviews and featured guests.  It is truly limitless what God can do through this new leap of faith.

It is my deepest desire that this podcast would be a source of building up the Body and that it does indeed set your faith on fire.  We can’t become carriers of His flame until we are willing to be consumed by it.  You can listen, download and subscribe via iTunes here, via the direct RSS feed here and on my SoundCloud profile here.

I sure hope to have you along for the adventure!

{While this podcast will always be joyfully offered for free, it is not free to produce.  Would you consider becoming part of my support team and help this project grow and develop into all that God desires it to become? No gift, no prayer, no act of love is ever insignificant.}