Whose Dress Are You Wearing?


Yes, that is me from what feels like a forever ago.   It has been well over a decade since this photo was captured on real film that I had to walk to the corner photo shop in Calcutta to have developed.

I lived in India then and was preaching at a healing crusade.  Standing there pouring my heart out, somewhat terrified because God had put a word inside of me that stretched me to my very edges and then some.

Jesus whispered the night before as I was drifting to sleep that there would be a woman coming to the meeting and she would sit in the very back row on the right corner.  She was wearing an “ugly” olive green sweater.

{Yes, He did say that.  My apologies to lovers of all things olive and mustard. I’m sure His descriptor was purely for my benefit.}

Jesus went on to instruct me to announce in the meeting and call her forward because He was healing her back.

I got to the stage and all my resolve crumbled.  I didn’t know what a word of knowledge was in those days.  All I knew is either this word was God or I was in for an epic fail.

Trembling with mic in hand, I silently told Jesus, “I am so sorry for my little faith, but can I pretty please just announce You are healing backs instead?”  He chuckled and said He’d let me get away with that this time.

So I timidly whispered into the microphone, “I sense Jesus really wants to heal backs. Does anyone have back problems?”

Before I could finish the question there was a shriek from the back right corner of the seating area and up ran a woman in an “ugly olive green” sweater yelling that Jesus just healed her back.

Ahem.  Yes Jesus.  I get it.  I’m so grateful He is patient with all my learning curves.  When something new is being born in and through our lives, it can leave stretch marks on our souls.

That is my idea of a great meeting.  Everyone encounters Jesus and falls deeper in love with Him.  He increases and I decrease.

I shared on Friday’s podcast the story of my Kathryn Kuhlman saga.  We talked about the incredible importance of finding the unique identity Jesus has given each of us.  God just doesn’t have  cookie cutter children.

In case you are not one to listen to podcasts here is a very condensed version:

The story started with me reading a book by Kathryn Kuhlman one summer.  I had a major God encounter after finishing it.  Over the next 2 years every single time someone would pray for me or offer a word of encouragement from God’s heart,  it always related somehow to Kathryn Kuhlman.  Other than the testimonies in the book I read, I didn’t have a clue who she was or what she did.

Early on in that season, I was praying and had a vivid picture of me preaching in this long white flowing dress with flowing sleeves and white sheer scarfs that flowed down the back.  Being new to how God sometimes speaks in metaphor, I took the image literally and got one of my friends to make the dress I saw.

I’m sure the angels were scratching their heads and all of heaven was like, “Doh, that’s not exactly what God meant sweetheart.”

Richard_Roberts_Kathryn_KuhlmanA few months later I rounded the corner of a church I was visiting and ran into a life sized picture of Kathryn Kuhlman wearing “my” dress.  Oh… my… Jesus.

I share the whole story on the last Friday Ignited podcast, as well as more of my journey in learning wear the dress God beautiful has woven and fashioned just for me.  And what a journey it has been!  Identity plays such crucial role in our life with Jesus.

You can download the episode via iTunes or listen right here:

You beloved are wonderfully and fearfully made.  An absolutely unique creation of God’s heart, His gift to the world around you.  Don’t miss out by settling for being a copy of someone else. Jesus paid far too high a price for you to be you.

All my love- Michele