Sketch • Paint • Letter

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 6.37.34 PM

Happy Mon…. er… Tuesday, beloved.  It has been a wild summer.  As grad school is now in full swing, ministry is growing, my online shop is open and I have multiple projects spinning all at once, I needed to reorder to refocus.  Seasonal transitions are great times for adjustment.  The lows are hitting below 75ºF… it’s almost fall! will still be my primary place to write and share life.  But I have wanted a super simple place to throw my images onto where the image would be the focus.  I tried putting them on my studio site {it was too busy}, my shop {it was too confusing}, but I finally carved out just the right dedicated cyber niche:

If you like following the art side of what I do, please head on over there to sign up so you don’t miss anything or bookmark it and visit regularly.  I’ll be posting shop news there as well including sales and announcements.

Grateful for you all!