This Is How I See Myself

bwall-1a-5Can we have a heart-to-heart you and I?

I don’t talk about the fact I have one leg  very much simply because I don’t see myself with one leg.  I don’t dwell on the slew of health challenges I’m working through from 20 years serving the poor in the nations, because I refuse to let those challenges define me.  Utterly refuse.

This picture captured by a dear friend last weekend is how I see myself.

With two legs.  The fact one just happens to be walking in heaven at the moment is a minor detail.

Some of you may remember me sharing over our years and miles together about promises Jesus has shown me about His provision available for healing and miracles.  I do believe in creative miracles and healing and every good gift Jesus paid for on the cross. I’ve even been humbled to see God move in amazing ways first hand.

But, Church, I need to say it… pursuing “my miracle” isn’t my focus.  By God’s grace, it will never be my focus. Pursuing Jesus is my focus. Pursuing Him with wholehearted abandon, pursuing the One Who does ALL things well and holds my times, my needs, my dreams AND my miracles in His beautiful nail-pierced hands.  Him.  His face.  His glory.  His fame.  His renown.

It is not about “faithing it” till I make it.  The fact I still walk with one foot in heaven and one on earth doesn’t mean I have substandard faith.  Neither does it mean a creative miracle won’t happen tomorrow and I’ll seriously need to find some shoe sales.  For me, it isn’t about “my miracle” because it is HIS miracle I live out every, single day.

My journey is about a daily commitment to trust His goodness in between the now and the not yet.  I choose to never shut the door on believing Him for what looks to be impossible promises. My impossibility is opportunity not just to witness miracles, but give Him the costly, precious gift of my worship and trust in the waiting.

An amazing thing happens.  When we refuse to allow our experience to define Jesus and allow Jesus to define our experience, the way we see that experience changes.  And He transforms us more and more into His likeness in the process.

So, how do you see yourself? Really.  Not how do you say you see yourself because you’ve been around long enough to know the right answer.  But how do you really, really see yourself?

Jesus wants to show you how He sees you.  He wants to redefine those things that you think are impossible obstacles and turn them into stepping stones.   Church, we need to stop looking in the mirror at what we think we lack, and start looking into the eyes of Jesus, He Who is and Who has everything we need.