aspen-629371a copyYou may notice a different tone around here.

My heart has been longing to strip off old seasons struck through with gold, like autumn trees letting go to the winter winds. 

Some of you may think this website changes color more often than leaves do.  And you are probably right.  Yes, I am one of those odd people who rearrange their furniture just because I can.  I know when something feels right, when it is a hair off or has grown stale.  I might not always know exactly where I am going but I usually do know when I have found what I’m looking for.  Found it!

This little online home.  It’s been simplified because simple is the pull in my spirit.  Focused.  Uncomplicated.  Still. Clean.  Pure.  Simple lines and loops making letters and words that speak His truth in love and call for change where change is so very needed.  What once felt sterile or stark to me in terms of design, feels uncluttered and peaceful now.

When I wrote from Africa, I wrote to connect with the unfolding story around me.  And to share it with you that we might journey together.  It has taken me two years to figure out, really nothing has changed.  This chapter in the story just looks a bit different than the last.

I don’t write to impart some vast deposit of wisdom.  I write to understand my own meanderings, my own wandering with Jesus, my own journey deeper into the heart of God.  The better I know Jesus, the simpler this journey gets.  Deep does not mean complicated.  Deep means still and powerful.

There is so much spilling from my heart friends and I’m finding His rhythm again.  My feet are finding this season’s sound and purpose.  So the tone is changing. But my heart is remains simply offered and poured out on a page that we might continue this shared journey into His heart.

Grateful for you beloved!