Jesus, Be the Centre

38-1a-2Today I celebrated another year of life. The big 3•8. I’m in no way shy about my age. Some of you might say I’m not shy period. Every year is another miracle of grace.  Every year, every day is worthy of massive gratitude.

I have a feeling this year is going to be the brightest one yet and I am standing in the middle of an orchard of His fruitfulness ready to break open around me.  {And, yes, I am standing in the middle of an orchard above.}

At the threshold of another year, I like to set my gaze again on the road ahead.  To celebrate all that’s been and welcome all that is coming from Him. Tonight my prayer more than ever spills over with the worship lyrics:

Jesus. Be the Centre. Be my Source. Be my Light. Be my Song. Be my Vision. Be my Path, be my Guide. Jesus. Be the Fire in my heart. Be the Wind in these sails. Be the reason that I live. Jesus. Jesus.*

38. It is a year of Jesus being the Center in even deeper ways… not just of my life but of the message I am called to bring. It is time Church to refocus our gaze and make Him central again. It is fire in my bones.

This year I’m making a renewed commitment to simplify to centralize.

The simpler I make my world the easier it is to focus on His face.

I’ve been dramatically cutting down on social media: taking specific time, even whole days, away from the online fray and re-framing how I use what. {I use Instagram for my art/illustration (@micheleperry). I use my personal Facebook profile only for close friends and family I keep in regular contact with and no longer friend folks I don’t know well face-to-face. But you can find me on my Facebook page where I love to keep in touch with my broader world, am so blessed by all your comments and messages, and direct a good portion of my online energies. I barely use twitter at all these days and Pinterest is now mostly for research.}

I’m making time to read books for pleasure. To savor words that breathe life into my soul and spend concentrated time out in creation where my heart comes alive. I’m learning to forage for wild edibles and where to buy local organic food free from GMOs (a girl has to have a hobby!), and making eating clean a primary priority for myself and my family. I’ve started to make my own beauty products and am taking time to systematically purge my world from the petroleum-based, chemically-contrived substances I just plain feel better without.

It is a year of clearing the clutter and fixing my focus on Him to be ready for all that lies ahead. Of all the gifts in my life, one gift I am most grateful for are the beautiful friends and family I journey with. Thank you again for being here! More adventures to come and I look forward to sharing them with you.

*Thank you Michael Frye for putting words to the cry of my heart.