Christmas In the Studio

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here.  I wish I could have all of you over for cocoa, but as 1-2 people in my studio is a crowd I thought I’d offer a peek into Christmastime at the studio/ministry office/home base.

For those of you who might be new to these parts, when I moved back from Africa in 2013 I decided to go small.  Less stuff, less space to clean, more time for what matters. As I had a small budget to work with, it made the most of what I had.

I love small space living because it takes me well under 2 hours to “seasonalize” my entire decor.  I live and work in around 700 square ft.  And I love it!

I believe the way we steward our spaces makes a big difference spiritually and practically.  At least I know it does for me.  Switching a few things around helps me pause and celebrate the changing seasons.

A few things I’ve learned…


Glass tables make for an open airy feel.TIL-5

I love nativities. This one takes center stage and reminds my of my family in Africa.


It might not be cold enough for a real fire in the fire place, but I love my little space heater that is a fireplace at the flip of a switch all year long… with or without heat.  For spaces too small for a traditional tree, try some artificial pine branches tied together at the base and set into a large floor vase.  String with lights and hang a few favorite small ornaments. I don’t actually miss having a large tree at all.


Switch out 2-3 pillows and the throw over the back of the sofa and seasons transform.  I blend textures and patterns for a bit of whimsy.

TIL-9 Candles are probably one my biggest splurges.  Current favorites are apple cider, autumn wreath and cranberry chutney. TIL-11My sweet studio assistant ready to cuddle and play.  He’s a total love gift from Jesus and has been trying to figure out the commotion of Christmas decor!

Sitting here tonight thanking Jesus for all of you, with great expectation for the amazing things He is doing and setting up for the year to come.  Thank you for being a part of this journey!