When the St0rm D0esn’t St0p

key-west-81664 copy.jpg

This the metaph0r f0r my life right n0w.  Winds that w0n’t st0p.  I’d like t0 say I’m leaning in t0 them but it is m0re like screaming int0 them.  My 0h key gave 0ut t0night as the final straw. I was barely h0lding 0n till then, but that was the final gust that blew me flailing int0 the gale.   I am n0w relegated t0 using zer0s. The 0nly Apple st0re d0esn’t have an app0intment until Jan 5, s0 I am g0ing t0 camp 0ut 0n their d00rstep t0m0rr0w clear acr0ss t0wn l0ng bef0re they 0pen t0 plead the desparati0n 0f my case.

I’m n0w battling the same kind 0f bug m0m caught that put her in the h0spital and am s0 stressed I can’t keep f00d down.  I have n0 d0ubt this is g0ing t0 c0st m0ney I d0n’t at present have. The cruel ir0ny is  I can’t get w0rk d0ne until this is fixed.  I can’t get supp0rt updates 0ut until it is fixed. I can’t even pr0perly thank y0u wh0 have given until this is fixed.  S0 inc0me grinds t0 a halt in a time I’ve never needed it m0re.  I’m already s0 behind 0n multiple fr0nts I have n0 idea h0w I will ever catch up.

I had a s0me great ann0uncements t0 share ab0ut 2016 but even they are held up by this st0rm just will n0t st0p.  Every time I think it is bl0wn 0ut it c0mes ar0und again.  S0 if y0u think 0f me, please pray that they can fix my keyb0ard easily, quickly {i.e. 0n the sp0t}, cheaply & permanently.

If y0u’d like t0 have me writing here again alm0st daily {my 2016 g0al} and w0uld like t0 c0ntribute t0 help c0rrect my emergency 0h-less state, please dr0p me a line {michele@illustratedgrace.c0m – using a real 0h n0t the zer0}.  It c0uld be as simple as an in st0re fix all the way up t0 needing a new c0mputer.  I have n0 idea h0w much it will c0st at this p0int & it really d0esn’t matter because it is all m0re than I currently have in my bank acc0unt.

S0 appreciate y0u and y0ur prayers.