Why I’m Giving Up On Making Resolutions for 2016


It is that time when the old year has slipped away and the new year has boldly arrived. I’ll admit it. I am not sad to see 2015 go. I’m grateful for its lessons and grace, but I’m ready for a fresh start.  You too?

I love new beginnings. I am a sucker for blank canvases. For years waiting to be written, to be splashed with color, to be embraced with head-long abandon.

The glorious, terrifying, exhilarating unknown.

If you’ve hung out here for any length of time, you know I’m a type-A personality in recovery.  For years, my new years resolutions had resolutions.  My annual goals and to-do lists made climbing Mt. Everest look like taking a relaxing stroll.

By mid-January, I would be inevitably behind.  By early February, I would be drowning in a sea of unmet expectations.  By March, my year had failed and 99% of my well-meant resolutions got tossed out with the trash.

This year I’m trying something new. I’m giving up making resolutions because they just do not work.  They leave us stressed, defeated and overwhelmed. And, ahem, they usually are the product of our own strength, instead of His promises and His grace.

Goals are great.  As long as they are the result of walking in the pace of His grace for the season we are in.  I’m convinced that is why there are so many tired people trying to follow Jesus.

We are so often trying with all our might to do His will. When we start something {even when it is well intended!} in our own strength, we have to keep it going in our own strength.  But when we step into what He is already doing, we enter into His ability, His strength, His capacity, His grace. I know which I’d rather sign up for!

Instead of making a huge list of overwhelming resolutions I took some time after Christmas to reflect with Jesus and choose #justONEword as a theme for my new year.  Over the next few days, I want to walk you through a little process that unfolded for me as I have selected this word and started journeying with it for this year. Maybe you’d like to toss overwhelming resolutions to the wind and join me in discovering YOUR #justoneword?

My #JustOneWord2016 is SIMPLIFY.

As I’ve prayerfully pondered all its myriad of applications, already this word has yielded some pretty amazing fruit. I’ll share more on that as we go, but one of the biggest changes is, epic drum roll please…

Everything I do and share online is now unified under my name and the theme of illustrated grace. No more multiple companies, projects, sites that probably confused you even more than they did me. The hazards of being a creative visionary who also loves branding and design. Sigh.

So buh-bye crazy confusion.  Hello simple grace.

As far as keeping up with me is concerned there are now only two major websites to keep track of:

  • My Blog, IllustratedGrace.com: i.e. this one, Hooray- you are already here!
  • My Website, MichelePerry.net: This site houses all my creative/illustration work, creative projects, ministry & creative workshops, e-books/resources {coming soon}, etc.  Please go check it out!

jyfulDo YOU have #JustOneWord for your 2016 yet? Yes?

Then I’m super excited to announce my first lettering commissions ever are available for purchase now on my website here and also on my redone Etsy storefront at this listing here. Prices start at just $15.

It would give me great joy to be able to serve you creatively and pray over your #justoneword for 2016 as I letter.

If you don’t have a word in mind, hang out with me this week to explore a bit and find it. So excited for all that lies ahead and to have each of you a part of this amazing adventure with Jesus.