Some Days It’s Uphill Both Ways

Yep, this is what I look like tonight… minus the suit jacket.  There are days, ahem weeks, it feels like you just cannot win.  No matter how hard you pedal, it is up a mountain both ways.

You may recall a few posts ago my keyboard died. So I got a wireless keyboard while I waited for parts to be ordered.  Using the wireless keyboard was fabulous and made me realize how poor my working setup is. Resting my elbows on my desk as I type {like I am now} has been a huge contributing factor to giving me pretty excruciating tendinitis in one elbow and it is threatening to engulf the second as well. Major problem. I have to crutch using those elbows.  And now crutching is incredibly painful because of this.

I was elated when I found a wireless keyboard and a wireless track pad that would make my set up so much kinder to my joints.  Nab a decent but affordable monitor and problem solved. Yeah not so much. I drove 3 hours round trip to get the keyboard in my laptop replaced today and pick up my accessories.

Got home tonight and was crushed to find even though it has the right specs on paper, my laptop is too old to handle them all.  Now neither the external keyboard nor track pad work. I am back to typing on my laptop keyboard which is making my elbow feel like someone is taking a mallet to it every other letter or so and my fingers are going numb.

Moral of the story, my budget saving choices have all blown up into epic frustration and what I thought was a down hill glide has turned into trying to traverse Mt. Everest by bicycle when I don’t even know how to ride a bike. If I ever want my elbows to heal and be able to walk, move, type, workout, live without loads of pain and numbness in my hands, I need an iMac yesterday with some serious design specs on it.

Someone really does not want me writing, creating, teaching, recording or existing online at all. It is NO coincidence all this techno-crazy hits as soon as I step out to start back into ministry full time and every single thing I do revolves around this one tool.

Every. Single.  Solitary. Thing.  My entire effectiveness has screeched to a halt in the wake of this barrage.  No coincidence this hits just as I make some major announcements about using the creative side of what I do to raise funds and awareness for Iris South Sudan. I mean not even subtle, right?

To be totally truthful, getting into South Sudan had half the warfare of stepping back out into ministry based in America does.

Which means I need a massive miracle… to the tune of about $2300 to get what I need set up. Anyone want to be a part of that action? Praying for techno-angels with hearts for missions.  {If you said yes or are just curious, please click here to find out more how you can give. Here is the direct Paypal link to give to my designated account for tax deductible support with my sending church}.

Unfortunately “elbows down” are going to dictate my absence online as well as put a stop to all the projects, books, workshops, prints, etc. I’ve been working on for this year until I get a set up that isn’t inflicting more pain on a joint I pretty much can’t function without.

I’d totally appreciate your prayers. More than you know. If you know of anyone or group who might be interested in helping, please don’t hesitate to pass this along or to email me at michele @ {smoosh the email together- I’m evading spam bots}

Thank you for all your love and support.  I know together we’ll find the downhill glide one of these days!