What Do Jesus, Great Branding & Missions Have To Do With One Another?

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Say what? Some of you are scratching your heads right now.  Hang in there with me while I explain.

If you are over on our Facebook community, you may have seen me posting on branding & marketing recently.  {If you are not apart of our Facebook community yet, please head on over by following the link and click the like button. I don’t want you to miss out on all the things rolling out over there.  I’ll wait.}

You may have wondered: hey wait a minute, I thought you were in missions full-time. But don’t you travel and speak on things like hearing God’s voice and missions and the prophetic and God’s Kingdom? So what is this business tangent about?

I am so so glad you asked!

I am in missions full-time working to equip the church for missions as a lifestyle and training up the next generation of leaders and missionaries.  I do travel as God opens doors speaking on going deeper with Him and knowing Him more.  Yep, I also train folks in the prophetic.  And the business bit isn’t a tangent.  It is an interwoven thread of a much greater picture. Here’s why.

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When you hear the word branding, images of backroom corporate greed and gimmicky, manipulative marketing tactics might come to mind.  And my heavens they are out there. But they are examples of branding gone tragically wrong.  Good brands help you remember them.  Great brands authentically communicate their ongoing, unfolding stories.

Did you know that in the marketing world super loyal customers {ahem any iPhone lovers out there?} are actually called brand evangelists?

For the last 15 years I have worked with churches, ministries, missionaries, creatives, leaders, nonprofits, start-ups and small businesses to help them better learn how to communicate who they are with their target audiences. Almost every place I’ve gone, I’ve wound up helping folks identify more of what makes them unique and then learn how to develop what they do in a way congruent with who they are.  That is, in essence, the definition of branding strategy.

Any of you who know me know how much I love to see people learn how to steward their story on both a heart level and an art level.  Day-long dreaming sessions and strategy meetings when I ministered on the road full-time often left me hoarse when I returned home to Africa.

At the end of 2015 , God began speaking to me again about stepping back out in this area too.  Not in lieu of missions & ministry, but as an integral part of it.  One of the biggest disconnects I saw and personally experienced on the field was in how to authentically, artfully communicate the story of what God was doing and my own story in it.  It took me a good while to figure out.

You see great branding is about knowing your identity and letting everything you do be a function of who you are. Great branding and authentic identity are virtually interchangeable terms.

In business-speak, I use the term branding strategist to explain what I do.

It sounds something like this: As a branding strategist, I help individuals, businesses, organizations and ministries DISCOVER more of who they truly are, DEVELOP a creative, congruent strategy that authentically communicates their story to their target audience and DELIVER a consistent, quality customer experience that converts to real time sales success while building loyal brand ambassadors.

The goals in our life with Jesus and in missions are almost one and the same.

Discover who He is and our unique identity in HimDevelop creative, congruent strategy that communicates His heart in His ways and timing to the people around us. Deliver, ie walk out, His heart and character consistently with love, power and excellence that converts to people coming to know Him in deeper ways.

And any extra funds that will come in {one day} through branding strategy services will only go right back into helping me do what I do missions overseas and in equipping/mobilization here in the USA.  Kind of a win-win-win-win.

But even more so than that… offering branding services gives me a chance to build relationships out in the community I would never meet any other way.  I’m open about my faith and pray for every one of my clients. Branding strategy in the US is to me what a flatbed truck was in Africa- a vehicle to reach out and love my community and the world around me.

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