How To Turn Setbacks Into Comebacks

overcoming copy.jpgIt has been quite a few days over here. I am reminded the road to pioneer anything in God’s Kingdom is not an easy one, nor is it without opposition.

The last few days have been filled with more harsh lessons about trust and integrity. Thursday and Friday, which should have been completely focused on preparing for the weekend’s retreat, were instead filled with navigating disheartening events that left me questioning some of the promises I am about to step into.  And then a family car broke down.  And then I wound up in the hospital.  Seriously?!?!?  Not even subtle.

Saturday we had our first Deeper in God retreat with 11 beautiful participants.  It was such a joy to gather with these women and talk about hearing God’s voice.  When we returned from lunch, I was hit with a case of severe acute colitis that eventually landed me in the emergency room.  I’ve spent the last 2 days trying to hold onto liquids and more recently very mild food. Think jello.

Suddenly this new season has started to feel a lot like Africa.

We were stolen from, trust was broken and we often faced deep issues of integrity in business dealings and trying to get things done.  Vehicles broke down.  Severe illness hit at the worst moment. But every single time, God turned each setback into His set up for a greater comeback.

Like in the bush, I am learning new dimensions of hard, expensive lessons on who to trust and who not to, and how to safeguard that which God has given in the future.  I am watching God provide and protect even in the middle of the storm.  I choose to rest knowing what is sown will be reaped, that God will restore that which was lost many times over and all the sudden opposition is a pretty sure sign I’m heading in the right direction. Woohoo! Go Jesus!

Beloved, the road is filled with painful lessons.  There is a battle and sometimes the enemy uses people we’d least expect in the midst of it.  But I refuse to be impressed with what the enemy tosses my direction.  Rather I will celebrate the amazing family I am blessed with, the totally trustworthy relationships that are in my life, the wisdom learned in the struggle, the doors that are opening and the new season that is unfolding.

When we submit our setbacks to Jesus, He can turn them into set ups for much greater comebacks. I can’t wait to share with you more about what Jesus is up to, but for now I am going to try and hold on to a little more food, cuddle with my professional snuggler Charlie and rest in the faithfulness of God to His word.

We used to sing in South Sudan a little song that says, “Your brother may let you down, your sister may let you down, your (fill in the blank as many verses as you like) may let you down, but Jesus will never fail.”  And He won’t. Ever. Fail.

When you feel like you can’t hang in there, trust Jesus is holding on to you.  And even if everyone you trust were to walk away.  Jesus will never fail.