The One My Soul Loves

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Behind the scenes at Coastal Occasions, Jacksonville Beach | Event Styling: Make My Day Planning

I am a hopeless romantic.  I love Hallmark movies, princes in shining armor, gorgeously-styled wedding photography, all things bright and beautiful and true love that never ends.

Maybe I should say I am a hope-full romantic.

Full of hope because no matter how dark the night, how contentious the politics, how volatile the social issues, how challenging the personal season, I know that I belong to the King and the most beautiful of weddings here are but the faintest shadow of what He is preparing for the Church, His Bride. He is the One my soul loves and I will wait for Him.

But I revel in even the faintest foreshadow reminding of His goodness.

The last month has been a whirlwind and I have cherished connecting with some incredibly talented creatives.  I got to design my first bespoke (that’s design lingo for customYes, I had to look it up too.) wedding invitation suite and have it featured in the styled shoot above.

Not quite 2 weeks ago, I sensed Jesus with a wink saying it was time to start designing wedding invitations. I had been looking into that area as a possibility but not seriously until He mentioned it. My reply: Well, OK Jesus, if I’m to step out in doing this, I need to have some kind of launch party or something.  And I need some great photography.

A few hours later I found out about a need in a local styled wedding shoot scarcely a few days away and the match was quite literally made in heaven.  Almost overnight, I found myself thrust into the world of wedding stationery and styled photography.

Then came the all-night make-it-happen moment where every creative doubt I ever had stayed up all night screaming at me as I lettered and painted.  I just prayed my part was enough to serve what was needed.  I arrived on set little more than 72 hours from when I said yes to Jesus about this new direction. I left with many more friends than I came with and some amazing confirmation.

And so the line Watercolor & Whimsy Weddings by Michele Perry Design was born. (Photos coming soon!)

I’ll be creating bespoke (fully-custom) wedding stationery as well as pre-designed stationery suites with customizable elements.  Both will be available at a fraction of the normal cost because the stationery components will be delivered digitally as print-ready files and/or digital files that can be sent as email attachments or via social media. I’m also working on a commission service called Forever Petals™ where I use photos of the bridal or wedding florals as the inspiration base to create coordinating watercolor floral art that won’t wilt or whither.

You’ve heard me say that many times my life journey following God’s heart is a prophetic one. This unexpected turn in the road is no exception. Every time I put brush to paper, it isn’t just to serve a customer or execute a creative vision; it is a prayer from my heart responding to the love-cry from His.

The Father is sending out His invitations for the wedding feast of His Son. Beautiful, bespoke invitations created uniquely for each person, culture and tribe. Inscribed with the names written on His hands.

Invitations where we are not simply invited to fall in love, we are invited to fall into His love story that never ends. 

P.S. I’d sure appreciate prayers:

  • For creativity, the right relational connections & huge amounts of wisdom.
  • For open doors to demonstrate God’s heart to my community and all He brings.
  • For God to open the doors no man can shut and close the ones no man can open… and bring the right clients at the right time.
  • For the details to come together on getting ready to move into my house/studio space with as little hiccups as possible and huge grace as I settle in while juggling school and ongoing health issues.
  • For favor for the styled wedding shoots I’m contributing to, that they will be featured in the right national as well as regional publications.