That Your Joy May Be Full

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There are seasons that stretch you in ways you didn’t plan on.  There are terrifying seasons that leave stretch marks on your soul because the new that is calling is so much bigger than you are.

It is so easy to focus on the obstacles, on the dreams that haven’t happened yet, on the things that haven’t yet changed and let all these things drain the joy right out of things.  Right out, empty.  But Jesus, He came that our joy may be full.  Right there in the middle of it all.  Full. Complete.  Lacking nothing.

Again it has been a much quieter season here on this space than I planned on.  I just don’t write unless there is something to say.  It seems in Africa there was always something to share.  Here.  It is simply a quieter journey.

But it’s been quite a week.  Dealt with another staph infection and more fevers and more antibiotics, one of which caused pressure to rise in my brain causing temporary vision problems.  In the middle of finals.  It’s all a bit overwhelming.  But I refuse to be overwhelmed.  R E F U S E.

December is my month where I celebrate the year that is leaving and seek greater understanding for the year coming on its heels.  Slowing down to connect with what really matters, especially in a season where everyone is rushing, has been such a life changer for me.

Straight up honest, I have really struggled with seeing the lessons from this season of life being as valuable to share with you as were the lessons I lived out in Africa.  I’ve been hesitant to jump in all the way here and let my heart put down roots. When your roots have been yanked up before, putting them down in the soil of fresh dreams is a scary thing.  But that is what grace and courage is for.

I can’t guarantee you how often I will write here, but I promise to show up when there is something to say.  The only words that matter are the ones I live, the ones that are formed in my marrow, overflowing from His deep calling unto mine, words that are filled with life. Authentic, raw, brave, dangerous words.  Real and vulnerable and true.

This is my prayer tonight friends, that YOUR joy may be full because you are fully found in Him.  Creative. Courageous. Free.