What You Really Need to Ring in the New Year


I am so excited for a fresh start. And here comes 2017 all fresh and clean and ready to be written out one breath at a time.

Here we stand on the brink of a blank calendar slate and I’m peering over the edge of the cliff dive this new season mandates… and yes, I’m jumping.  For sure I’m jumping.  But jumping over this edge looks a tad different at 39 than it did at 29.

I feel like those 10 years hold ten lifetimes of living between their book ends.  Ten lifetimes of costly decisions, of beautiful triumphs, of painful betrayals, of God’s goodness and faithfulness even in the darkest corner and deepest pit of their terrain.

It has been a decade of growing up into holy disillusionment, where God allows life to dis – illusion us.  I’m not talking about cynicism or bitterness or resentment.  I’m talking about the peeling back of our illusions until our vision is clearer, the cost of following more evident and the choices we make to continue to give Him our yes way more intentional.

We have to be disillusioned from the things that distract and distort in order to see more clearly with His eyes.  He holds no illusions.  But yet He loves completely.  His eyes are clear and His heart is infinite. His love is a choice.

And that’s what 2017 requires, what every new year needs…  To be loved by Him into an even greater and deeper yes.

This time my yes is not taking me across the world geographically speaking.  But it is sending me out into a new journey with the potential to affect even more places and people than I have been able to before.  It is still missions.  It is still ministry.  But the vehicle isn’t a flatbed truck in Africa.  Now the vehicle is my own design company in America.

January 2nd I am doing a full-scale launch of Michele Perry Design Co. I’ve dabbled and freelanced and wondered and pondered and job hunted and waited and in early December this year I finally got the OK.  I don’t just run off to start something, even if it feels like it is bursting from within.  I wait till I know His yes is on the time, as well as the what and the how.  12.08.16 He said to go forward with this with the same fervency and passion as I had 10 years ago establishing in South Sudan. Gulp. That is a lot of fervency.

I don’t fully understand the why yet.  And that is OK. I don’t have to.  When God says it, that settles it.

I am not pioneering this creative business for the sake of a simple paycheck (although that is reeeeeally needed and will be so very nice). I am pioneering it to be a channel of provision for God’s purposes far beyond me.  I pray it will also be a platform to get to know and encourage many I would have never met otherwise.  I’m pretty excited about that bit!  And in its first year, a minimum of 10% of all profits will go to support my family back in Africa as they re-establish in a neighboring region due to ongoing instability where they were originally based.  They are all safe and that is what matters.

Truly, this new “suddenly” has been years in the forming.  Now it is 3 days from launch. Deep breath.

I’ll be sharing the journey of God packaging missions in a different container right here as often as I am able to. I’ve spoken on this many times, but God wants to use the skills and passion He has put within you to see His heart advanced.  He put it there after all, right?  You have a passion for underwater basket weaving.  There is probably a whole community of underwater weavers who need to be loved and served.  It is so easy to limit God to the constraints of the way we have always seen things done. No more. 2017, you will be different.

I’ll be writing the business/creative perspective of this journey on a new blog called #CourageousCreativity, which is associated with my design company.  I’ll share links once it launches so you who have a heart for creativity/business can join in the journey there as well.

Don’t discount the dreams God has given you because they look different.  They may be just the thing a hungry world is waiting for.