The Thing With Trees


It has been a wild week in these parts.   This online home has been with me since I first set foot on the red dusty earth in Africa.  It has been through a litany of name changes as diverse as the twists in the path of my journey.  And we both have emerged stronger and more refined because of that process.

It’s my prayer that this place while honoring my past seasons, will become a community gathering place where I continue to spill words and heart about the deeper life lived in grace with Jesus looks like.  I find my heart turning toward talking more openly about confronting spiritual abuse; cultivating holistic, organic community and celebrating the journey deeper into His heart.

I know some of my friends who join us here are in very different places on their spiritual journeys.  And I want you to know you are always, always welcome here regardless what you believe about church and faith and Jesus.  If you want to hang out with me here, then the door is always open.  The kettle always on.

I believe we are in the middle of another reformation that is changing the landscape of what it means to be a Jesus follower and what it looks like to build authentic, organic, healthy communities of faith.  I think I’m going to be writing a good bit about this in the coming months.

You see… the thing with trees is that the tree never looks like the seed.

Many of us have had dreams that seemed to die and some of us are still mourning their loss 10-20-30 years later.  Sometimes what we think is the dream, is actually only the seed.  And unless the seed dies, the dream will never grow into the fullness of what it is meant and created to be.

Fifteen years ago, on Good Friday God asked me to take all the scriptural studies I had worked on writing and researching hours a day for almost two years and literally dig a hole in a friend’s yard and bury them.  And that’s what I did.  I piled everything in a cardboard box and buried it.

Walking back inside after watching years of work disappear in the dirt, Holy Spirit whispered: You think you are burying a dream, but you’re not.  You’re planting a seed.  What is now needs to die so what is not yet can come forth.

Now, a decade and a half later the things that were sown into me as I dug and researched and developed and dreamed in a little apartment in Colorado at the foot of the Rockies are coming forth.  Here certainly, but even more in the content that is getting developed to mentor creatives, leaders and entrepreneurs.  The promises are unfolding but looking completely other than anything I imagined.

Be encouraged. The thing with dreams is a lot like the thing with trees.  No dream looks like its seed.

I wonder. What dreams have you mourned as dead and gone, were actually just the seeds for the life that has been growing within all along, looking different than you expected?  His promises are always yes and amen in Christ Jesus.  But that doesn’t mean they look like what we think they will.

I so appreciate you.  Friends who have been here for over a decade and those who have just arrived.  Thank you for being you, being here sharing life and words.  You are loved.