God Is In the Details


I could not have planned this in a million years if I tried.

A year ago today I was timidly delivering my first ever stationery suite to a local styled wedding shoot.  It was my first step toward launching a stationery brand… collaborate, learn, build a portfolio, forge real relationships, learn about the industry I was plunging into.  Sure I wanted it all yesterday, but deep in my spirit Jesus whispered, “It isn’t a race.  No one is handing out gold medals for speed.  It is about the pace of My grace.  It will happen and it will take about a year.”

Today… one year later TO THE DAY, my official Watercolor + Whimsy Paper Co. website, affectionately known and shortened to WWhimsyPaperCo, went live.  There is still much content to add, even more content to create, a to-do list as long as both my arms combined but one step at a time it is happening.  One mysterious, grace-filled, God-whispered step at a time, this promise is unfurling.screen-shot-2017-07-19-at-3-55-44-pm-e1500503323110.png

My heart is set on fire by this dream.  Here’s why.  I was recently reminded of a story.  A friend wrote the simplest sentiment scrawled quickly on a plain 3×5 index card and largely forgotten by the sender.  But these few lines, brought a profound measure of grace to years of relational pain and struggle. If a simple index card could so impact a heart… God is massively into sending love letters friends.  Written on index cards, found in illustrated greetings, even splashed across sunset-painted skies.

We often don’t know how our words impact the ones we love.  In these letters and lines lie the power of life and death.  I truly believe love can be lettered and one day that love becomes a legacy, as it is lived out one simple choice at a time.

This is one reason why WWhimsyPaperCo.com is such a heart cry.  It isn’t just about sending a pretty note or card (although I am ALL about that), it is about the heart-to-heart, face-to-face relationship each of us are created for.

God is in the details. And He shares His heart, His love with us a million ways, waiting for us to slow enough to see.  That friend is my prayer for you today, that you would see all the whispers of God’s love around you, right where you are at.  Because He is there, right there in the tangle of details around you.  And He loves you more than you comprehend.