Courage to Keep Going


If you told me even a year ago I would be eyeball deep in the details of launching my own stationery brand, I would have thought you were crazy.  But yet here I am.  Sometimes crazy beautiful happens in ways we don’t expect.

Often our hardest won victories are the ones where we fight to keep going when no one is watching.  Long after the news cycles find new headlines, it is that kind of grit and courage that will keep the 10s of 1000s in Texas strong as they fight to reclaim their lives from the biggest flood in our nation’s history.

I may not be able to go and help onsite like I might have in years past, but there are many ways to help, to give and to show support.

I’ve loved words every since I discovered them. I memorized them from dictionaries and poured over prose and poetry in literature. I’ve written them in journals and splashed them on computer screens. I’ve lettered them and painted them and found more of myself in process. But you really don’t own a word until it is etched deep on your heart. So deep it gets infused into your marrow and overflows into your living and walking and being.

For years now, I’ve selected one word to frame my year by. Our words really do frame our worlds. So we need to choose them wisely.  I’ve been developing the Inscribed stationery collection celebrating strong and beautiful words for a while. It wasn’t due to go live until early to mid fall. But the situation in Texas changed my timeline.

I know first hand Texas is a state you don’t want to mess with. I moved 1100 miles away from my Florida home at 17 years old to attend Baylor University. My five years in Texas were foundational to all that came after them. So when Harvey decided to sucker punch the Texas coast, I know one thing: the courage of the Texan spirit is no match for the most devastating flood in US history. Texas has a dear place in my heart and is in many ways a home away from home.

I’m launching WWhimsy Paper Co’s Inscribed collection early with a special Texas bluebonnet inspired version of the word Courage. Courage celebrates the courageous resilience of a state you truly do not want to mess withAll the profits that come in from sales of the Texas Courage art print and greeting card will go to relief efforts supporting communities most affected by the storm and flooding.


Because storms come and waters rise and in the middle of the flood we all need words of hope inscribed on our hearts. Purchase Courage Inscribed here.