Towards Christmas


Everything has changed, and nothing has.  Everything is the same and nothing is.  I rummaged in a drawer today and caught myself thinking, “Now where did I put the short sleeved winter shirts?”  The short-sleeved winter shirts.  Hmm.  #FloridaProblems

The days are slipping towards the time we celebrate a star and a stable and a savior born in unlikely places we’d least likely look.  God’s like that.  He shows up in places we’d least expect.  He chooses the impossible and the imperfect and the ones we’d never even consider eligible.  He whispers his goodness a million ways if we will slow enough to see, to still, to receive.  To be and breathe in the place we find ourselves, whether it is at the doctor’s office or in a crowded check out line with the two year old next to us flailing wildly in our space.

And not unlike 2 thousand years ago, the world teeters on a precipice and the days slip  into night where power trumps other-centered love.  Or does it?

The darkness let the star shine brighter for those with eyes to see.  And today perhaps the darkness we see will be the invitation we need to not simply hang lights on trees, but in our hearts.  Love was born powerless.  And there is no greater threat to power than a love that does not fear relinquishing it.

My tree is trimmed, only because I never took it down.  I simply had to “dust” it off.  My world has been a crazy jumble of hurricanes and hospital hallways, parents with serious medical conditions and me with pneumonia that knocked me down for weeks.  In the middle of grad school and the joys of running my own business and client work and projects and plans and errands and a spinning world, I love this time, this quiet December space to breathe and be and see and make space for stars and stables.

Y’all.  {I’ve gone southern this year somehow.}  But y’all are loved.  Deeply cherished. And I am grateful for you being here.  May the lights we hang be reminders in a dark world that all the Light has to do to win is show up.  And we are.  We will.  And Him with us.