What Matters Most

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This year has been a whirlwind. To be very, very honest, 2018 is the first year I have been deep down to my toes excited about since leaving Africa.

My health is getting stronger each day as long as I make wise decisions and guard it well. I still run off and on fevers a few days a week but that is all they are at this point, random fevers.  And they are lessening.

2017 has brought so many precious friends and clients into my world and I am honored to get to walk with them.  My parents have had a very, very hard medical year and are dealing with life-altering conditions that require detailed medical care but they are here.  We are here together. THAT is what matters.  We are enjoying every moment and cherishing every memory we make.  Because, y’all (This year I have somewhere picked up Southern roots I never had – hah!), that is how to really live.

Really live each day with expectation and joy and a heart spread wide with gratitude.

Again and again I am reminded that it is who is around your tree, not what’s under it that matters most this (and every) Christmas. I lettered the sentiment back in November and I have it posted on my wall, because it is so, so, so easy to get swept away by the rip currents of sales & consumerism. I’m just not going there this year, or next year, or the next year after that.

Peace and presence, not presents, make a Christmas.

For me this week is a sacred season to enjoy all the lights and carols. It is time to reflect, regather, restore, and renew. It is a time to giggle at Hallmark Christmas movies with Mom snuggled under a comforter because it’s 80ºF outside so we have cranked the AC up full blast, a time to eat homemade spice cake and drink eggnog that might have a little something-something in it.  I’m so not telling.

Holy moments are not reserved for “holy places”.  Holy moments happen every time we see and receive all the ways He comes in and through one another.  Holy moments happen when we recognize sacred space is all around us, God is always coming in the places we least expect.

Whether you celebrate by lighting a candle in a church service or by lighting a candle on your dinner table (or maybe both),  it’s the welcoming of Him that matters.  I could not be more grateful tonight for all the gifts of His grace.  And you are one of them.

Wishing you the merriest of Christmases.