On Four Letter Words


I’ll be honest.  My vocabulary has been reduced to a lot of four-letter words lately.  If you’ve been here any length of time, or decide to stay a while, you’ll find authenticity is top of my list when it comes to core values.  Messy, raw, uncomfortable authentic is all I have energy for these days. 

Finding words is a battle.  I should say, finding the right words is a battle.  Many times a day I want to scream and rail at the buzz and fluff in my head.  Give me my words and my brain back, dang it!

Weird brain injury side effect. Apparently I know more “adult adjectives” of the four-lettered variety than I realized.  I’m not sure changing a few letters to make them more polite really makes a ‘forking’ difference.  Not to Jesus at least.  I try to keep it in check mostly for the other folks around me who don’t already know my heart.

God is not surprised or uptight about where we are at friends.  He can take our messy, edgy selves with any and all of our four-letter emphatics that slip through the cracks of our pain and frustration.  Instead of push us away, He enfolds us with some four-lettered words of His own.

Kind.  More.  Near.  Safe.  Rest.  Just.  Able.  Good.  Hope.  True.  Sure.  Real.  Pure.  Wise.  Calm. With. Same.  Free.  Life.  Here.  Love.

He is all these four-lettered things.  Kinder than we conceive. More than enough. Near to our need.  Safe enough to trust.  Rest when we are weary.  Just and able and good.  Hope when we want to give up.  True, sure and real.  Pure strength to our weakness.  Wise in ways we don’t understand. Calm in the middle of chaos.  With us every step we take.  The same; unwavering in grace for us every moment, every day.  Free to enjoy us right where we are at.  Life in the face of loss.  Here even when everyone else disappears.  Love that never leaves, wavers or fails.

So maybe having a few more four-letters words in my vernacular is not a bad thing after all. 😉