Creative Prayer Journaling


I have been on a wild journey these last few years. Africa, the UK, Europe, N. America. I have come full circle to my childhood home and am watching God weave something so beautiful.

What I’m sharing here is how Jesus trained me as a teenager to interact with His voice and the Scripture. This is the first time I have been able to put it together in a coherent form that I can share with you.

You do not have to be an artist or even consider yourself creative. All you have to be is hungry for more of Him.  You don’t have to be able to draw or sketch or paint.  Just be with Him in the text, with Him in the moment, with Him in the silence, with Him in the music, with Him in the struggles, with Him in the triumphs.  Might that be you?

Then pull up a chair and settle in.

Creative Prayer Journaling™ {CPJ}  is actually my original modern twist on an ancient Celtic contemplative practice of infusing creativity into the way they interacted with God.

CPJ allows you to gaze at, interact with, process, reflect, enjoy, see with new eyes, receive, gain insight, experience and behold the beauty of Jesus in Scripture, in prayer and in life.

Would you like to learn more about CPJ and using visual journaling techniques as you pray and connect with God?


CPJ takes place in 3 movements usually around a few lines or phrase of Scripture. It is a great way to creatively study and apply a phrase, verse or passage.


Behold His beauty in the words, the meaning, the message, the moment. BE still, present, aware. HOLD your heart open to receive from Him.  Beholding is a posture of faith.


Let Him speak into your understanding and bring Scripture and prayer alive.  Let Him unfold the moment, unfold the text any way He chooses bringing new insight and deeper revelation from His heart. Does the text prompt questions? Ask Him.  Dig up the gold in the message.


Let His truth remold old mindsets, old ways of seeing and thinking.  Let the revelation become formed in image, in word, in life and shape your heart again, differently and put fresh treads on any area of your life that is worn thin.

Then sit with Him and bring on the paint, the color, the words, the markers, the pencils and pens and watercolor and mixed media and anything you love to create with or want to try out. Create in your creative prayer journal and let it be a way to encourage and remind you when life’s complexities seem to dampen the sound of His voice.