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Hi you.  I’m Michele.

I’m the girl who the world told to be realistic and settle down with my limitations.  Born without my left hip and leg and with a myriad of other congenital abnormalities, I had quite a few limits to consider.  But, I’m just not the kind to settle.

Me, the girl who thinks mascara belongs in a survival kit and whose idea of camping is a spa day, spent 7 years {2006-2013} without running water or electricity in an African war zone rescuing children who were being trafficked or exploited. I founded an international development base with a children’s rescue home and primary school along with many other community projects for a faith-based development organization It is still impacting hundreds of lives and changing the shape of its community. I got to walk out the dream of a lifetime with my Sudanese family to see a new nation be born from the ashes of war.

After 18 rounds with cerebral malaria and multiple other tropical illnesses, my health crashed in late 2012-2013 and my nervous, immune and adrenal systems all but shut down forcing me to move back to the USA.  Even after the battle of my life fighting to get my health back, I still deal with ongoing challenges 5 years later.

My time in Africa taught me many things about embracing the bravest journey of all.  To become exactly who I am created to be and find all I am in all He is. The journeys that matter most always start inside us.


  • I’m an entrepreneur, creative stratedist, brand designer & business educator passionate about championing women, creatives and entrepreneurs; helping them build purposeful, authentic brands and businesses that flourish through unlocking the power of story.
  • Watercolor, ink and water-based mixed media are my happy place. And I just launched a stationery brand.
  • I wore mascara 90% of the time in the bush.  It really does belong in a survival kit.  I promise.
  • You will really see me get excited if we start talking about any combination of authentic community, women in leadership, creativity, story-led growth and/or social entrepreneurship.
  • I’m almost finished with my MA in Organizational Leadership & dreaming about my next degree.  Grad school would be my hobby if I could afford it.
  • I’m write about recognizing, breaking free, & healing from spiritual abuse because it is a journey I have lived.
  • My life goal is 1 John 4:16: Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.
  • I believe life with Jesus is about relationship, not a world religion or religious system. Writings from ancient Celtic saints and contemplatives are water to my soul.
  • I’m pretty sure espresso is worthy of its own food group.