I Believe

astronomy-1866822_1280.jpgI believe God spoke.  Light burst forth, burning stars spun into place and all that is seen and unseen was created inside the embrace of His Love.  From His Word, everything was made, formed by the breath of His lips.

I believe Papa, Abba God made us, each one of us, every one of the billions of people walking planet earth. Created not out of a need for our worship or service, but out an overflow of HIS Love. Created for joy.  We are.  Created for Love.  Invited into being loved and enjoyed by Him.  Period. For no other reason but just “because HE loves us.”

I believe Jesus, the Son of God, exchanged streets of gold to walk on unpaved roads of dust, born of a virgin teenage mom who dared to say YES to a call she could not understand.  He came to live, to love, to step inside our box in order to dismantle it from the inside out.  I believe He came to secure our freedom and destroy the power of the evil one, so we could be reconciled back into face-to-face, eye-to-eye and heart-to-heart relationship with the Father.

I believe all of time and eternity kissed on the cross and what was done was done and is now ours, fully completed and already accomplished by Him and through Him.  ALL of it.  And it is through His grace and His faith that we are given the dignity of being set free to respond as our eyes are opened to the love of God through the gospel of Christ.

I believe Holy Spirit lives inside us, infuses strength into weakness, brings forth fruit, delivers gifts and gives us power to walk as Jesus did and enter into the greater things than these. In Him, we are invited to a life of filling and filling again of His goodness, nearness and power.

I believe God still speaks, still heals, still does miracles and everything we read in scripture is an invitation deeper into His heart.  I believe apart from abiding, apart from being IN Him I can do nothing.

I believe Jesus alone is the infallible Word of God and apart from His Spirit, our human understanding of the Bible’s written words will be academic at best. I believe the scriptures are a love letter from heaven meant to reveal God but not contain Him. And to really accurately understand the written word it must be first and foremost interpreted through the person and character of Jesus, the Living Word.  And I believe the only words I truly know are the words I live out with Him every day.

I believe in His upside down Kingdom where the ordinary becomes holy. Where mysteries embraced become majesties revealed, where the last and the least are the first and greatest and the King of Kings bent low, took a towel and washed filthy feet.  That astounds me still.

Whoever lives in Love, lives in God and God in him, God in her.  I believe THAT is both my life’s journey and I pray one day my life’s legacy.

And so I share life and lessons in hope that my messy, bumpy, raw and real journey might become an invitation for you to step out farther into your own.  Because the only journeys that matter always begin deep inside of us.

I believe God brought you here. You, yes you.  You are cherished by Him, chosen for this moment to become more fully the person are created to be: Wildly Loved. Authentic. Creative. Free.