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Do you want to know more about hearing God’s voice?  How to lean in to His leading every day?  Do you have questions about spiritual gifting and wonder about finding your calling and where you fit in to His picture?  Would you like to become more effective and creative in ministry and see His love transform the world around you?  Are you interested in missions, the nations and being equipped to walk in the fullness of all you are made for?

Yes?  Mosaic has a spot for waiting for you.

This is not traditional ministry training.  Mosaic uses a cutting edge equipping format that harnesses the power of online learning with local community, mentoring relationships and in person intensives.   It is not one size fits all.  It is custom made.

This is a dream over 20 years in the making.  It has been formed on the front lines and refined in Africa, Europe, India and beyond.

Because authentic community is central to all we do, Mosaic {both in person or online} will happen in varied contexts of community and relationship.  We have structure.  It is just fluid.

Basically that means, we may not follow our own plan if our own plan isn’t working or if God changes it midstream. More learning will take place out of a traditional “classroom lecture” format than in it.  And we are constantly listening as we go to His heart and only want God’s best specifically tailored for the ones we serve.

Make it, mold it, break it, shake it, take it or toss it Jesus.  You know what each person needs and how best to see that happen.

Your piece counts friend.  You bring it.  Let’s live it.  Together.

Coming in 2016.

More info and enrollment coming soon.

  • If you are a leader of a church or ministry and would like more information, I’d love to chat with you on the phone {or meet for coffee if you are local to NE FL}.  We are looking for like-hearted churches who might be interested hosting MOSAIC intensives.  There are many ways that could look like.  And because we are pretty hyper relational, we’d love to get to know you and see what resonates.
  • If you are hungry for more of God and who would love to go on a wild ride of discovering more of His heart while learning experientially about missions, leadership, creativity and God’s Kingdom, please connect with us so we know you are there and can keep you up to date.