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I  gave my very first motivational speech to a room full of 300 community leaders when I  was only 9 years old. Teetering on a stack of phone books just so I could reach the podium, I fell in love that day with empowering people to turn their impossibilities into stepping stones. 

Some 30+ years, 24 countries and regular audiences that number thousands later, connecting heart-to-heart and encouraging creatives, entrepreneurs & leaders with practical actionable insight is still one of my favorite things to do.

2020 changed the speaking game.  And I know you might be having to adapt the way you have done things to this ever-changing world.  You are looking for someone that moves past inspiring to actually igniting your audience, serving up a passionate presentation designed for targeted impact.

With heart-felt intuition and well-researched insight,  I'm committed to making sure creatives, entrepreneurs, and leaders have the tools they need to leave a legacy in their communities, and in the world at large.

"Michele is a breath of fresh air!  I was blown away with her creativity & understanding in her approach to business..."

I've Been Privileged to Speak in Some Pretty Amazing Places...

•  Baylor University {My Alma     
•  Wesleyan University
• Texas Tech Leadership Week
•  Yale Student Groups
•  FL State Student Groups
•  Combined Student Ivy League
    Leadership Events,
•  Faith-based Conferences,
    Seminaries and Training Schools

•  Leadership Training Schools in the
     USA, Europe, India & Africa
•  Toyota (India)
•  Top-level Nonprofit, International
     Development & Diplomatic
•  Business leadership training &
     round-table events
•  Television, radio, media & virtual
      event platforms

Educate.  Engage.  Empower.

Use Your StoryKEYS™

Practical and empowering, I unpack my signature method of strategic storytelling  to unlock business growth, facilitate lasting organizational change, and increase leadership effectiveness.

Together we dive into the same story-anchored content principles that were key in raising over 7 figures in the international nonprofit sector. Get the keys you need to transform the way you show up, serve well, and sell with purpose even when the online world is noisier and more crowded than ever.

This talk can be tailored to audience goals & event themes covering:  Content Marketing Strategy, Brand Storytelling, Organizational Culture & Communications, Entrepreneurship, Change Leadership

Because telling the right story can change everything.

My Four Core Signature Talks

Creating STRONG™

Creating STRONG™ dives into using the STRONG™ framework of creative resilience and how it can be applied as personal or professional creative practice.

Understand your inspiration process, overcome creative blocks even before they start, learn to harness the power of your creativity's potential, and build intentional resilience to navigate an increasingly uncertain world.

We can also cover specific topics like creativity and communication, communicating creatively in crisis to build trust, learning resilience practices that grow community, creating a foundation for strong organizations.

How to SELL™ Out Without Selling Out

You're running an event or have a podcast focused on an audience of creative business leaders who don't like salesy selling. If it feels like marketing, your audience would like to hide from it their next Netflix binge of Downton Abbey.

But selling doesn't have to be high-pressure sleazy.  Rather, with a few perspective shifts, sales becomes the foundation of an authentic business.  Because if you don't have money coming in, your can only keep giving your gift away for so long until the bills drown it out.

Learn my four-part sales process that shifts the conversation from selling to serving so you  can show up with confidence for both your potential clients and your business's bottom line.  

As a salesy-averse creative myself, this fundamental paradigm shift has been a game changer for my business and my clients.

Emails That Engage

All the cool numbers on social are awesome. until you realize you are investing huge amounts of time and resources in building out a space you rent but can never own.  Literally digital equity is spilling through the seams and can be lost at the flip of an algorithm. 

In an era of fickle algorithms, business friends don't let friends not have email lists.

But with so many voices competing for attention in inboxes, how do you develop your voice in a way that stands out from the crowd?  How do you become so recognizable in the value you bring that your audience is literally looking for you to show up in their email notifications?

I cover key tactics that help you  play the right long game to build a communication strategy that connects and opens up space for conversations that convert.    We learn together why the most engaging email strategy isn't really about email at all and what you can do to harness it to build your brand.

2022 edition

WOW!!! Michele unlocked doors in my heart & mind to see things from a perspective I had not thought of before. Her approach allows you to remain focused on the desires and visions of your heart and business while opening you up to “new” and creative perspectives of achieving them! She has a incredible gift to release practical “keys” of unlocking doors of hope and passion! —Mel, CEO, Business Empowered

Some of What Leaders & Audiences Are Saying

Thank you Michele for sharing your story so I can find my own.—M

What a positive wealth of information! Thank you so much Michele. — K

Michele has given us a jewel of vulnerability... and deep insight  R.A.

Oh my gosh, Michele! Thank you! I am such a visual person and your flow charts helped me so much! Please, please keep the lessons coming...  the organizational pieces have been GAME CHANGERS —T

OMG. You’re the best. How you have helped navigating the back end of my email program. —GC

Thanks for shining your light so bright, even through the hardest of times! —JH

Inspiring, Motivating, Empowering, and Compelling.

Professional Bio

so this is THE FANCY third-person, *MICHELE clears HER throat*, AKA MY


As an award-winning  artist, writer and communicator, Michele leverages 25+ years educating leaders onsite internationally, the same story-anchored leadership strategy central to raising 7-figures in the nonprofit sector, and an MA in Organizational Leadership to help creative small business and organizational leaders understand and unlock the power of story to get seen, serve well, and sell out where purpose meets profit.

After a car accident in 2018 left her with injuries that rewired her brain and severely damaged her dominant wrist, Michele was forced to shut down her bespoke wedding stationery design business and start over from scratch.  She is committed to building something she loves more than everything she lost. and that living itself can be our highest work of art.

Michele has been honored for her work founding and running a development base in an African active conflict zone for seven years, meeting with senior level leaders and ambassadors about recovery strategy and child protection issues.  Michele was named Baylor's Young Alumni of the Year in 2013, Who's Who for Regent University Graduate School Business and Leadership,  and one of the top 100 rising creatives by Rising Tide, Peerspace, Honeybook and Gusto in 2018.  Her designs have been featured in multiple national and international publications   And she was one of the original Flodesk educators starting #FlodeskFridays to help creatives learn how to make the most of the platform and their email communications strategy.

A survivor of multiple, life-threatening  birth defects requiring 23 surgeries by the age of 13, Michele has been inspiring people with her story from community stages for over 30 years.  She has a passion for creativity, leadership and connection that opens up space for genuine, brave, wholehearted conversations that lead to action.


Michele is a writer, fine artist and business strategist who leverages 25+ years educating leaders on the international stage and raising 7+ figures in the nonprofit sector to help creative small businesses understand and  unlock the power of story to get seen, serve well, and sell out where purpose meets profit.


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*Due to Covid-19, Michele is only available for booking online events and media inquiries.   Exceptions for in-person events in the northeast Florida area will only be considered if masks are required of all staff and participants, and the event is held in a social-distanced outdoor venue with full CDC protocols being observed.

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