Creating Space for Your Soul to Breathe...

Because Wonder is Your Birthright & Burnout Doesn't Get to Have the Last Word



There are seasons I've worn burnout as a badge of honor. Hustled and hurried my self past the point of exhaustion. Friend, I get it. But living distracted, drained, and disconnected is not a formula for creativity or growth.  
I'm a watercolor mixed-media fine artist and author dedicated to guiding you into a practice of daily wonder and thriving creativity. 

Lover of open roads, blank pages, and wild spaces. Wandering along shorelines and through forests feeds my soul. 

My art and writing explores the connections between moment and metaphor, pigment and prose; relationship and resilience, all steeped in WONDER as a habit, and the beauty of our unfolding stories. 

Most often, you'll find me in my studio in northeast Florida with a paintbrush or pencil in one hand, coffee in the other, and the world's finest Chief Cuddle Officer curled up by my side.

Art is so much more than paint and paper. It holds in its core the power to change the way we see the world around us, and ourselves in it.

To create open, honest, vulnerable spaces of connection that give language to our deepest emotions.

To remind us even our most broken places can be fused with gold. To show us we are worthy of being seen, significant and celebrated.

I spent 20+ years in the international nonprofit world leading regional projects on 3 continents.  

I've seen firsthand the power storytelling and creativity has to bring healing, change narratives, and elevate the voices of those living in some of the world's most marginalized and conflict-torn places.

 Here are some of the places and people I hope to serve through mine.


The Stories We Tell Ourselves & Each Other Can Change Everything

Passionately painting places for your soul to breathe and writing words that forge connection, courage, and creativity.

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Permission Granted.

Come With Me on a Journey to Explore & Cultivate Wonder,
One Irreplaceable, Ordinary
Moment at a Time

Stare at a sunset. Soak in the starlight. Make messes on purpose. Experience about how wonder wakes us up. Sparks creativity. Gives us tools to reconnect to our resilience and forge greater courage.

Wonder isn't just found in Grand-Canyon-sized adventures. It is waiting in the wild quiet within as we embrace every day moments of beauty, connection and meaning.

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These core values are how I do life and business:

Cultivating Strong Roots

Embrace Wonder.
Live Generously.
Create Courageously. 
Connect Intentionally.
Encourage Artfully.

Things Only My
Friends Know

I Think Coffee Deserves Food Group Status

Come on now, you know it does.

While I love a good vanilla latte, my go to is a freshly ground pour-over served light. There's a reason my dad wanted to know if I'd like some coffee with my milk.

I Have 2/3rds of an MBA

Yep. I'm an MBA dropout. Day 1, I asked my accounting prof if I could color the books instead of balancing them. Later, I left the program for not being entrepreneurial enough & moved to an African conflict zone to start and lead a project that served hundreds of at-risk children.

I've Spoken In-Person in 23 Countries 

My public speaking career got started early. I was nine when I gave my first speech to a room of 300 community leaders. It took me about 4 minutes to decide I loved it. So I majored in talking (*cough* communications) in my undergrad studies. 

I'm a Walking Nerd Alert

If I were independently wealthy, I'd get PhDs on repeat. Degrees are cool, but I just love learning that much. I have an MA in Organizational Leadership.  And yes, my hobby is learning.

I'm a TBI Survivor

A traumatic brain injury upended my world 4 years ago and rewired my brain in very unhelpful ways.  But even though the things that were my superpowers before, now are frustratingly difficult, I'm not giving up on stretching my brain so I can find my way forward and keep doing what I love. (Even if I have to do it differently.)

Running after what sets your soul on fire doesn't mean you have to run solo.

Brave Soul, You don't have to Do This alone.  i'm cheering you on.


Running after what sets your soul on fire doesn't have to be a lonely journey.

Brave Soul, You don't have to Do This alone.  i'm cheering you on.