I'm Michele. I paint tiny treasures and whimsical things, and write about cultivating a daily wonder habit to move beyond overwhelm into greater curiosity, creativity, and connection.

I'm also a creativity coach for creatives & entrepreneurs dedicated to helping you craft a wonder-powered creative practice that supports your wellbeing and your business bottom line.

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Be More Creative. Feel Less Alone. Courageous Community for Busy, Burned-Out Creatives

Curl up with your favorite cuppa & head over to The Wonder Habit™,  where I write & host a community that pours in the practical creative courage you need for thriving in a chaotic, disconnected world.

Looking for a one-of-a-kind way to honor your most meaningful moments?  I use your photos as the inspiration to create a custom, original abstract painting that honors your space and your story.

Custom Abstract Art That Honors Your Space
& Your Story

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Fine Art & Inspiration for Wonder-Filled Living™

Creating Space for Your Soul to Breathe...


Fine Art & Inspiration for Wonder-Filled Living.

CREATING SPACE for your soul
to breathe.