I create atmospheric, wonder-filled abstract art inspired by and connected to your story.  Art that gives expression to the moments you want to etch into memories.

Art that sees beyond the surface to honor the emotion and essence of what is. Where lines, pigment, and story meet, meaning spills onto paper to create tangible encouragement that you can hang on your walls and hold in your heart .
The stories that matter most start deep inside us. 

Stories forged in vulnerability, that call courage and creativity out of places in our souls we didn't even know were there.

Stories rooted in our life's geography that deserve to be artfully, intentionally celebrated.  Because living itself can be our highest work of art.

✨ 2023 commissions will open MAY 3rd ✨

Because Sometimes Our Simplest Moments Are Also Our Most Profound



This journey starts with dust. Rocks pounded and sifted into powder. Color grounded in clay and earth. Honed, pressed, and molded into raw, untamed, textured expressions fused with paper and canvas.

Abstract portraiture is about seeing beyond the surface. It captures essence with meaning and movement, light and emotion. It explores who we are and calls us into the depths of all we are becoming.

Reminders that we are seen, significant, and celebrated.  My abstract commissions are based on cherished moments, milestones & memories.




Trusting someone with even a moment of your story is a vulnerable, brave thing to do. I don't take that fact, or your trust, lightly.

SIZE: 4x6 in , 5x7 in, & 6x9 in.  I have intentionally kept the size options for custom pieces small because not having wall space shouldn't keep you from owning original art you love.  This also allows me to offer a price range that may be more accessible.

SUBJECT:  We start with 1-3 photographs that capture a meaningful moment, milestone,  or memory you'd love to honor and elevate with something other than the actual photo itself.   I paint these pieces with elements that reference parts of the photograph, but in a way that the abstract art can stand on its own apart from it.

 My painting style is a blend of influences from impressionism, mixed media and lyrical abstraction. I use professional water media on artist grade papers to paint intuitive abstracts infused with elements of nature and messages of courage.


I keep things simple around here.  Here's how it works and what you can expect:


1 | Select your artwork size and finish your purchase. Make sure your email and mailing address are accurate and current so I can follow up with you throughout the process.

2 | You'll receive a link to download a PDF file with instructions on how to email me your photographs and send in your responses.

3 | The painting process takes 2-3 weeks. If you need an order rushed, please let me know when you send me your photographs or responses.  The painting time does not start until I have all your materials in hand. I will try my best to accommodate your timing, but certain seasons may require a rush fee. 

4 | Once your painting is complete, I will lovingly package it to protect it during shipping & send it on its way to your doorstep. In the unlikely event, it arrives damaged, contact me with photos of the damaged packaging as well as the damaged artwork within 24 hours. Solutions will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

I started my professional art journey as a custom watercolor wedding stationery designer.  Just as my business was starting to take off nationally, in January 2018 I was in a serious car accident that left me with a brain injury and severely damaged dominant wrist. 

After over a year of surgeries and rehab for my wrist, I made the difficult decision to shut down the bespoke wedding stationery part of my business.
Suddenly I had a big blank business space to fill with no idea how to fill it.  Half staring at a stack of old photographs across my studio, inspiration began to rise.

I wonder if I could take meaningful photos from milestones and moments, and let them inspire a custom piece of abstract art that honors both space and story...

So often the bravest beauty is found in our broken. vulnerable places.  In the wild spaces of our creativity's stormiest landscapes. In the tender moments courage takes root as our stories unfold.

Abstract art can be courageous and transformative.  It can help us embrace the dance of beauty, brokenness, and becoming with greater understanding.  I have seen its power time and again in my own journey, and look forward to sharing it with you in yours.


Fine Art & Inspiration for Wonder-Filled Living™

Painting Places for Your Soul to Breathe...


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Fine Art & Inspiration for Wonder-Filled Living.

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