It's My JOY to Serve You

Connecting with you makes me so happy I want to spin in my studio seat.  Seriously.  So pretty please do not hesitate to reach out.

Questions on how we might work together?  Check.  A question about an artwork commission?  Creativity topics you'd like to read on the blog?  Love notes, speaking requests, favorite Starbucks drinks...  I love them all.

Your story matters because YOU matter friend.  Keep on scrolling for the places we can connect.



Studio Hours

While I would love to write 9 AM-5 PM, if you know me, you know it would be more like 5 PM to 3 AM most days.  So in the spirit of full transparency, let's just keep it real and say, BY APPOINTMENT & ACCORDING TO MY CALENDAR.

Maybe one day I'll be a cool kid with normal hours.  Until then, hit me up with the form below and let's get you on my calendar.  My commission calendar tends to book out 2-3 months in advance.


You can also email me directly at

Drop Me a Note

You can also connect with me here:

Your note is on it's way to my inbox & I will be getting back with you soon!

Thank You

space for your



For your creative PRACTICE TO thrive.

to breathe.

Socially Speaking

Hang out with me online.  Check out these spaces... I love getting to know you and hearing your story.  My favorite thing ever might be being a cheerleader for other creatives.  Mid-air splits optional.

Fine Art & Inspiration for Wonder-Filled Living™

Painting Places for Your Soul to Breathe...


Fine Art & Inspiration for Wonder-Filled Living.

painting places for your soul
to breathe.