WHOLEheARTed is where I’ll be sharing more about creative pathways to greater authenticity rooted in Christ and the practice of HeART Journaling, which is similar to and a loose form of Creative Prayer Journaling™.  Instead of focusing on the exercise of prayerful contemplation of Scripture, HeART Journaling can include Scripture or may simply be creative expression and exploration of creative avenues to grow deeper with Jesus and become more connected to Who He is in us and Who we are in Him.


I’ll be sharing from my own creative journey as well as drawing on research and coaching tools to help you step out further on a brave journey to live and love with your whole heart.

Would you like to join a new company of travelers also on the same journey?  Make sure you join our Facebook community so you can receive regular inspiration in your Facebook stream.   hrtsparks-newThis is where I will be sharing a weekly {or thereabouts} HeARTSpark™ or creative prompt that we all explore together and share as we so desire in the Facebook community.  Sometimes these will also feature videos or audio encouragement.